Alia and Varun had a crush on each other? REVEALED INSIDE

alia and varun

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are quite popular nowadays. The lovebirds haven’t confirmed anything yet but their pictures and family members say a lot. Also, it’s possible that we get to hear wedding bells soon. Alia is among the top Bollywood actresses in Bollywood and every film she comes along has something or the other to say about the actress. She is talented and skilled apart from being bold and beautiful. She is praised for her acting. Varun and Alia had been in an alleged relationship. They worked together in their debut film, “Students of the Year”. But soon she parted off and nothing really came out of their relationship. Also, Varun is in a serious relationship with Natasha Dalal and if rumours to be believed, they will get married soon.

Other than the onscreen chemistry, both Alia and Varun are great friends. And they share amazing friendship off screen. So when the two appeared on Sidharth Kannan’s radio show on Ishq FM, he decided to quiz them if they’ve ever had a crush on each other. Basically, he spoke on behalf of all their fans who want to know about Alia and Varun’s relationship and they’re both of them got into a rather amusing banter over this.

When they were asked about the ‘crush’ question, Varun looked at Alia and said he would want her to go first and also asked Aditya Roy Kapur, who was also there on the show, to play the chords on the guitar and set the mood. But obviously, Alia couldn’t stop smiling and said, “There’s no need to talk about who all we had a crush on in life. List bahut lambi hai, at least meri toh bahut lambi hai’ But before she could complete, Varun interrupted and clarified, “Meri nahi hai lambi. I think it’s a friendship. When you are very fond of someone, I think there’s a lot of care and there’s a lot of respect.” Alia was surprised with Varun saying, ‘I think it’s a friendship’ and corrected him saying, “You think it’s a friendship??? Say it is a friendship na. I think it’s a friendship means what? ”

Following which, Varun smiled in agreement and said, “It’s a friendship more than a romantic bond”. Alia then asked to change the question by concluding, “I am sure at some point…we will not say it here but mainly in life we are friends…I don’t think you can not have a crush..(pauses)” before Aditya came to their rescue to finally sum it up saying, it’s ‘Ishq-complicated’ and both of them agreed.

Well, these people are real cuties.


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