Find our born existence by Ascendant or Rashi

Hello Friends, Sometimes We are confused Regarding Purpose of Our existence, and Astrology helps in finding the true Answer as A Astrologer I will help you to solve the mystery about your existence.
We born for 4 type purpose Dharma or Artha or Kama or Moksha so As per Kaal Purush Chart.

1) 1,5,9 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Mesh Sinha Dhanu, Native born for Dharma

2) 2,6,10 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Vrishbha, Kanya, Makar Native born for Artha

3) 3,7,11 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Mithuna,Tula,Kumbha Native born for Kama

4) 4,8,12 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Karka, Vrishchika, Meen born for Moksha.

Guys this information basis only Ascendant not only your personal chart for More info contact me on Astrologer Rutvik Vora.