Find our born existence by Ascendant or Rashi

Find our born existence by Ascendant or Rashi

Hello Friends, Sometimes We are confused Regarding Purpose of Our existence, and Astrology helps in finding the true Answer as A Astrologer I will help you to solve the mystery about your existence.
We born for 4 type purpose Dharma or Artha or Kama or Moksha so As per Kaal Purush Chart.

1) 1,5,9 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Mesh Sinha Dhanu, Native born for Dharma

2) 2,6,10 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Vrishbha, Kanya, Makar Native born for Artha

3) 3,7,11 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Mithuna,Tula,Kumbha Native born for Kama

4) 4,8,12 Ascendant/ Moon Rashi(means) Karka, Vrishchika, Meen born for Moksha.

Guys this information basis only Ascendant not only your personal chart for More info contact me on Astrologer Rutvik Vora.

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