Sun-Mercury “Budhaditya Yog”

Mercury is always in orbit with the sun so most people have Sun/Mercury conjunction in their chart but it is not Budhaditya Yog. The true definition of “Budhaditya Yog” is when Mercury (Budh) is always at a higher degree then Sun in the chart. Once this happens then we can consider real “Budhaditya Yog” in the chart. Suppose Mercury in Virgo and Sun is also in Virgo but mercury degree is 15 and sun is 10 then this is considered real “Budhaditya Yog”. In short, Mercury always leads by Sun.
Characteristics of Person in “Budhaditya Yog”
A native who has Budhaditya Yog in their chart always receives success by their sharp mind. Every battle of life can succeed in his/her intelligent Step. In worst to the worst situation, they can’t leave the strength of their smart mind.
Good Teacher, Good Astrologer, Good Writer, Good Speaker, Good Lawyer. have this kind of Yoga is Confirm.
Most probably they earn Money by their smartness. Moreover, people attracted to this type of person by his/her intelligence. Students who are very good at mathematics have this yoga in the chart. Moreover, people who teach mathematics, and people whose field of study in mathematics have this yoga in the chart. Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand, and Amitabh Bachchan Sir have this yoga in their chart. So, people who have this yoga are successful due to their smartness and intuition.
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