“Hanuman Jyanti” known unknown facts About Lord Hanuman

Today is Hanuman Jayanti, A lord of KALIYUGA. Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped gods among today’s youth. Hanumanji is a son of Anjani and Kesari.

He is Rudravtar of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is also known as “Pavan Putra” because he is a spiritual son of Lord Pavan(Lord of Winds). We have learned a lot of Hanumanji from Valmiki Ramayana and his worship of Lord Ram, which is one of the reasons that lord Hanumanji is known as Chiranjivi.

He is the only lord who converted in a single life from Manushya (Human Being) to Dev Yoni.

According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, one morning in his childhood, Hanuman was hungry and saw the rising red coloured sun. Mistaking it for ripe fruit, he leapt up to eat it.

Lord Hanuman also crossed the sea and found Lanka and thus Mata Sita. His greatness of swami bhakti is that when Mata Sita said that Lord Rama loves “Sindoor” then lord hanuman used Sindoor on his entire body, thus we offer Sindoor to Lord Hanuman.

He is one of the reasons that Lord Rama won the batter against Ravan and bring back Mata Sita. He also crossed the Himalayan Mountain in one night and found “JADIBUTI ”(Natural Medicine) for Lord Lakshmana.

Friends, in astrology ninth planer is also connected with the importance of worship about Lord Hanuman. Saturn and Rahu give us blessing when we worship Lord Hanuman.

During Lanka Dahan, Lord Hanuman saved all the planets from Ravana. When Lord Hanuman was trying to help the people of Lanka, he met Saturn and eased his pain by releasing him from Ravana. Saturn was so grateful and blessed him thus “Those who worship you will never be afflicted by me”, that’s why we offer oil to Lord Hanuman to receive blessing from Saturn.

Some unknown facts about Hanumanji.
1) To Achieve Siddhi from Surya Dev He married with his Daughter but still Brahmachari, and for proof is one of the temples in South India.

2) Hanumanji has one Son named “MAKARDHVAJ” in Patal Loka. Which is mentioned in Patal Ramayana during Ram Ravan Battle

To receive blessings from all the planets please worship Hanumanji every Saturday and Tuesday. Please chant Hanuman Chalisa Regularly, offer Sindoor, Black Udad, and Akada flower.

Again, Happy Hanuman Jayanti, Stay Blessed and Keep Smiling

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