Mars and its Dosha Part 1 ” Mangalik Dosha”

Friends today is Tuesday so day of Mars Planet.

When Candidates parents talk about him /her Matrimonial Purpose at that time Mangal Dosha has come in the picture.

Friends, Firstly I tell you its not any kind of danger Yoga. But Simply your energy level becomes high where Mars is Placed in your chart, so guys perfect matching happens when the same level of high energy found in your partner who has Mars at that same place as his / her in the chart so We can say “Mangal Match Horoscope”.

If Mars is in 1st 4th and 12th place in your Horoscope than ” Low Mangal dosha”. and if Mars is in 7th 8th than superior level ” Mangal Dosha” because is placed in marriage life place called 7th and inlaws family place called 8th. So as per most of the astrologer believes its that when we match girl/boy horoscope so better to match the same level of energy in both charts.

If a girl has Aries Lagna ( ascendant) and Mars in Libra placed in 7th and boy has Leo Lagna ( ascendant) and mars are in 7th Aquarius. Than perfect matching of same energy level. So good matching. Some astrologer also Match Mars with Saturn and Rahu Ketu also but like Mars to Mars matching nothing is better. When Mars become resolved?

  1. If mars are with his friendly planet Jupiter and Moon than Mars energy become resolved. Its called Light Mangal Dosha. Or some astrologer says no Mangal.
  2. if Person has Sagittarius ( Dhanu Lagna) and Mars is placed in cancer than No Mangal dosh
  3. if Person has Virgo Lagna ( ascendant) mars is in Pieces meen Rashi than no Mangal Dosha.
  4. if Capricorn Lagna or ascendant mars in 12th (Dhanu) saggitarius than No Mangal Dosha.
  5. If Aries Lagna or Ascendant than mars in Aries no Mangal dosha
  6. if Leo Lagna than Mars in Scorpio than No Mangal Dosha.

So, guys, almost Mars has left his effect almost the age of 28th. And most probably who has Mangalik char than definitely late marriage but ” Mangal kare Shubh Mangal” so guys not afraid of Mangal.its called Shubh Mangal. For more detail contact on Astrologer Rutvik Vora.

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