Attractive Face and Venus

Beauty and Venus

Friends all of us would like to be beautiful, handsome, and charming. In astrology, the reason behind one’s attractive face and charming personalities are Venus and its friends.

(1) If Your Ascendant Lord is somehow connected with Venus or Your Moon is somehow connected with Venus then you have become Attractive Men / Women.

(2) If your Ascendant Lord is in Venus Naxatra than also this kind of Yoga is possible.

(3) If your Venus is in Taurus or Libra and Pieces than your Venus becomes very strong so this kind of people become the centre of attraction in their circle.

(4) If your Venus in Rohini, Swati, Bharni, Purvafalguni, Purvashadha, Hasta nakshatra than also you have attractive personality by birth and fair skin

Some Male has a chocolaty personality like Ranbeer Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan than definitely, Venus has somehow connected with Ascendant Lord. Some Actresses have strong Venus in their chart Like Madhuri Dixit, Late Shri Devi.

So, guys, Venus is also connected with creativity, fashion design, cosmetics, so people with strong Venus in their chart will find success in the TV and Film industry.

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