Mars and Its Dosha Mangalik Part 2

Friends in the last article I have discussed Mangalik Dosha (Mars and its Dosha Part 1 ” Mangalik Dosha”)
) now in this article if you are Mangalik person what should you do I will explain in detail.
1) if you have higher Manglik dosha than Must Go to ” Mangal Nath TEMPLE” in Ujjain and do a Chaval Pooja at theirs.
2) if Your Mars is with his enemy planet Rahu and Ketu connected with your 7th lord than my suggestion is that do Kantaki Vivah for male and Do Kumbh Vivah for Female.
3) Every Tuesday all Manglik person went to Ganesha Temple and offer wheat and Jaggery ( Gud) covered with Red cloth. And do A Chants ” Om Gam Ganpataye Namah”.
4) If your Mars is Yogkarak than also wear the coral ring. Or Bracelet.
Mars friendly planet is Jupiter, Moon he makes positive yoga with them and also nullifies Manglik dosha with sitting them in Horoscope.
But Mars is not Good with Rahu, Ketu. But with Sun he enhances his energy double and makes “Angarak Yoga.”

So friend Mangalik dosha is not a big matter you should found your partner with equal Manglik than your marriage life will be definitely happy. And again tell you mars discharges his negative effect on the age of 28.
Stay blessed stay happy. Keep smiling. For more detail
Astrologer Rutvik Vora.

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