Mother And Astrology. Happy Mothers day to All

Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers.
A most important part of our life is a mother and her love and care for her children.

As today is Mother’s Day so let us talk about Mother and Astrology.

In astrology Mother’s care love longitivity observed by 4th position and Moon condition.
If both are well than a person has a good connection with Mother and enjoys a mother’s care and love. Some strong connection of “Mother Sukha”

1) If your Moon and 4th lord is somehow connected in Horoscope than the best chart for considering Good Mother.

2) If your Moon is seen by Jupiter and Mars than definitely, you will have a strong connection with your mother.

3) If you have full Moon Born ( Purnima Born) and connection with 4th lord than you will also have a good connection with your mother.

4) If your 4th lord is placed in Ascendant or Ascendant Lord placed in 4th than more care between mother and Child. and Strong Mother and Child Longitivity.

5) If your 4th lord and Moon in Shubha Naxatra than people have a strong connection with Mother.

So guys even if you have lost your mother don’t worry you are still receiving her blessing.
Please do Matru Tarpan during “Pitru Paxa” and you will be showered with your mother’s blessings.

Stay happy stay healthy and Happy Mother’s Day.

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