Surya Mangal Angarak Yoga

A combination of Sun and Mars it creates Angarak Yog that means two fiery planets are together, so this creat so much energy as per its certain level in natives chart. The person of Angaraka Yoga is so desperate, Easily aggressive, short-tempered, also they have not to want to do work with under of someone
and always disturbs relation with his nearest people. Angaraka yoga natives always feel hotness in his body they have like the problem of hyperacidity, Skeen burns mind disturbance etc. But one thing is they are very energetic, sharp-minded, quick in working. God always gives us This type of Yoga as per our last born karma. Accept it and always take a negative point as per Guideline and Positive point for Enjoys life.

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I believe in Doing good karma. And all planets are giving their fruits regarding your karmas. I am Astrologer, Tarot reader Vastu Shashtra and Healer too. I am also an Electrical engineer and believe Astrology tarot reading as a science it's my inspiration too. Keep enjoying my updates and my articles for proper Guidance and Proper way of life. Rutvik U Vora

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