Science of Telepathy

Hello, friend today I will talk about Telepathy. Its most powerful communication between two souls. It’s much faster than mobile communication and radio communication. Let us discuss which science works about telepathy.

When two souls are connected with each other than telepathy works. When I think about my dearest friend at that time in my seven chakras combination bubble, (create bubble: which is imagination of that person whom I think in my mind), this bubble is like light green gas balloon which not seen by our naked eyes, this bubble’s strength is very high and frequency too which it connects with surrounding cosmic energy and immediately connects that person whom you think about. What this bubble reflects on that person is “Sahastran and Agnya Chakra”, the person will suddenly think about you no matter what they doing, this is how two souls connect suddenly.

Guys you have noticed that some time happens when we think about some person that person also think about you so this kind of science is behind this. Sometimes what happens is that when I am thinking about my nearest and dearest person, that person will suddenly call you, this is not a coincidence but it’s bubble energy and cosmic energy which connects two souls, which is known as “Telepathy”, so stay tuned for more information, and for consultation press the below link.

Astrologer & Healer Rutvik Vora

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