Kaal Sarpayog

Guys very popular Yoga known in Kaliyuga by everyone is “Kaal Sarpa Yoga”. Let us discuss this Yoga.

When every planet is between Either Rahu or Ketu then it is known as Kall Sarpa Yoga.

1) If Rahu is in Cancer and Ketu is in Capricorn than all planets between Rahu and Ketu so we can say that KAAL SARPA YOGA is between Dragon Head to Dragon Tail. Because Rahu is Dragon Head and Ketu is Dragon Tail.

2 ) Now if Ketu is in Cancer and Rahu is in Capricorn and all planet is between Ketu and Rahu is known as Kaal Sarpa yoga, but now it is Tail to Head.

Difference between both is that if the remaining planet is between head to tail so planets become very week and if the remaining planet is between tail to head than planet 50 to 60% week.

Moreover, this kind of Yoga shows it’s effect and only applicable if a person is going through Rahu Ketu Maha Dasha, which is very important. Otherwise, it’s not much effective.

If Person has Kaal Sarpa yoga and passing through Rahu Ketu Dasha than he or she shows many ups and down during this time period. Suddenly ups and downs happen in his or her life. Some people, who have Kaal Sarpa Yoga then they might see the snake in their dream, which is a clear sign of KAAL SARPA YOGA.

1)KAAL SARPA YOGA person must do a Pooja or Vidhi of KAAL SARPA YOGA near river or sea on the day of Wednesday.
2)Also, do a fast of Wednesday.
3)Lord Shiva worship Lagurudra and Rudri path, Rudrabhishek is also the best remedy of Kaal Sarpa Yoga.

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