Slow Motion Main: RAHU MARS MERCURY Conjunction in Gemini

Slow Motion Main: Guys when you read this line and listening Song of Bharat Movie than keep the thing in my mind of current transit of the planet.

Currently RAHU MARS MERCURY Conjunction in Gemini ( Mithuna Rashi) and same way Ketu Saturn Conjunction in Saggitarius ( Dhanu Rashi) moreover Saturn and Jupiter retro. this combination indicates that everyone moving through the Slow Motion period.

Friends if you make a try to starting some new its advisable that you should starts after July and August. Because from 23 June Mars Rahu are dissconjucted and from August Jupiter will Progressive and last from September Saturn also become progressive.

So if your work has not happened don’t worry a few time remains don’t worry.
For current transit, a solution is Do Vishnu Sahasatra Path especially Gemini Moon Shine and Saggitarius Moon shines people. Also who is going through Mars or Rahu Dasha Chants ” OM NAMOBHAGVATE VASUDEVAY NAMAH” or “OM GAM GANPTAYE NAMAH”.

Due to this conjunction also more heat wave and Heavy summer in some states. But after 15th June and 23rd June possibilities of Good rain.
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