Father and Astrology. Father and Sun not Son.

Father and SUN Not Son.
Friends today is a fathers day and I will talk about Most Superior planet SUN.
friends, when we talk about father and Fathers, Love in any one chart than two things are considered.

1) Your Position of Sun in the chart.
2) Your 9th and Your 10th Lord in your chart.

If your Sun is in your chart with PAAP PLANET like Rahu and Saturn. Than deffinately, either Father and Son are separated or no father or father and Son have not good relation.

If Saturn or Rahu see your Sun, then Death of Father has in the early age of his Child.

If your 9th Lord or 10th Lord is with Saturn or Rahu than definitely disturbed relation with father or have no love of the father.

If Ketu in 10th Place in some cases I also observe in Young age Native has Lost his father.

But now the Some Good thing of father and his Child.

When any Son or Daughter having Good Sun-like Leo and Aries, Vergo, than have father have Satisfied with his professional life or in Good Position after Coming his Child.

If your 9th Lord and 10th lord are in Good connection or is with Jupiter than definitely father more Love and care with Son.

If your Jupiter sees your 10th place or 10th Lord than father has Long life. So Guys Happy fathers day and stay blessed.
People who have lost is the father they do Pitru Tarpan during ” Shraddh” paxa to gain father blessings.
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Astrologer Rutvik Vora.

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