Addiction and Rahu.

Friends in Kalyuga is very famous for Addiction like (Daru, Gutkha, Tobacco, Cigrate).

Let us discuss how Rahu is in your chart affected about to Addiction.

1) If Rahu is in his Neech Rashi ( Debilitated Shine) Like Saggitarius, Rahu is in Enemy shine like Scorpio than people may have addicted.

2 If your Rahu is with Saturn or Mars most probably people may have also Addicted person.

3) If Rahu is with venus or in Venus Shine like Libra or Tauras than also people have to do addiction for their Joy and Happiness.

4) Rahu is in Swati and Adra Naxatra than also that people can be addicted and attracted towards easily such things.

So Guys please avoid addiction Our past born Karma can give this planet in running birth but it is in our hand to cut off the cycle and save good karma for next birth cycle for Good planet.

Remedies for Dis Addiction.

Do Brihaspati Pooja and Lord Vishnu Pooja. Also, take Cosmic healing to avoid Addiction.
Do the fast of Agiyaras to avoid addiction.
And also medically consult Good Psychologist.

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Astrologer Rutvik Vora.

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