Ind vs WI World Cup 2019


India vs West Indies at Manchester, the same ground where India beat Pakistan and won the match by 89 runs, of course with DLS method.

The one and only encounter between India and West Indies on the venue, and the match was considered the upset when India won the match in league round of 1983 world cup.

Anyways, since the last 4 matches, it is shown that the spinners are making an impact in the world cup, as it was the prediction that the spinners will be very effective in the later summer. So it looks the chances of India will include R Jadeja in the team, but the question is in replacement of whom? India can try in the match against West Indies, but it might be the risk, as West Indies already showed a couple of times that the team is not so easy as it is shown on the paper, West Indies was defeated by Australia by just 15 runs and by New Zealand by merely 5 runs.

The Indian team is pretty balanced as three batsmen in the top order, one wicketkeeper, two batting all-rounder, one all-rounder, two wrist spinner and two pacers, it looks there is no place to include one more spinner, as India should not compromise with the batting order, and also should not compromise with two pacers. Also, this is India’s 6th match in the world cup, and India should not forget about one tough encounter against England, who will throw all its weapons because the match will be almost knockout for them. Though India can try R Jadeja in place of M Shami, as India have still three more matches, still the change will be not just little early but also put pressure on India in the rest of the matches. India can go for R Pant and ask MS Dhoni to rest, but in that case, India should ask either Y Chahal or K Yadav to rest and include R Jadeja.

West Indies has a little tough time as they already lost 4 matches, and the 5th lost will throw them out of the tournament, top of that WI also lost his A Russell, as he got injured and S Ambris replaced him. As S Ambris is also an opener, he may replace E Lewis, who did not show his form, yet. WI again will depend on S Hope, as he became WI’s spinal cord since the last couple of years. N Pooran and S Hetmyer also showed some batting in a couple of matches. C Braithwaite and J Holder are as their all-rounders. WI can go for two spinners F Allen and A Nurse, and go for two pacers S Cottrell and O Thomas or K Roach, WI have the flexibility for going with two spinners, though India is very good for playing against spinners, so WI can carry its strategy, of going with pacers and bowl short pitch delivery, in that case, WI can drop one spinner and play with three pacers including S Gabriel, as WI have the flexibility for spinner, as C Gayle can bowl as spinner.

India 11: KL Rahul, RG Sharma, V Kohli, V Shankar, MS Dhoni, K Jadhav, H Pandya, M Shami, Y Chahal / R Jadeja, K Yadav, J Bumrah.

WI 11: C Gayle, S Ambris, S Hope, N Pooran, S Hetmyer, J Holder, C Braithwaite, A Nurse, F Allen / S Gabriel, S Cottrell, O Thomas

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