Mirror to them, who raised question on India’s credibility

First of all, still some people make fun of wing commander Abhinandan through his duplicate, as well made fun of Boria Majumdar, sports journalist, in certain shows. It showed at what level those people are!

Let’s come to the cricket, the similar situation occurred so many times previously, and twice when India depended upon Pakistan, first in Asian test championship 1998-99 and then Champions Trophy 2009, both the time result came against India.

India’s defeat was being seen doubtfully by some people, whose own career was full of doubt, like unusual, unreasonably early retirement.

When any team win the toss then usually they select whether go for bat or bowl, according to the condition and pitch, which eventually favor them at least in some manner, so when England won the toss and elected to bat first, that means the belief could be that the pitch will become slower as the match progressed, and actually that happened!

Some situation occurred in some matches, like Pakistan against West Indies, Pakistan against Afghanistan, questions could be raised, if someone wants!

India’s victory could be beneficial to certain countries, but still, the equation will definitely depend on so many ifs and buts, so questions raised on only India and its defeat is just foolishness! For example, If Pakistan will beat Bangladesh, so, should the question be raised that Bangladesh favours Pakistan as Bangladesh is already out of the tournament?

Someone foolishly raised the question on Dhoni’s credibility, as Dhoni received honour award of Colonel from the Indian army, and thought the honour should be taken back from Dhoni. if Dhoni wanted to take Pakistan out of the semi-final, then he could actually deny coming for batting, but he fought for India for its NRR.

Some said, it is clearly shown that India intentionally lost the match, it is clearly common sense, if any team intentionally wants to lose, then the team will play like no-one could raise a single question against them, but it is clearly shown that India couldn’t run, that means pitch became slower as well as credit must be given to English bowler as well. India also might have the calculation of NRR in their mind and might decide to go for as close as possible instead of went for victory and eventually came in big defeat.

The four-team, who will reach the semi-final, must do better performance and team shouldn’t rely on other team or on luck.

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