Saturn Direct In Sagittarius: September 18, 2019 – It’s Time To Progress

Guys since Saturn becomes direct from 18 Sep 2019. There is a good time for all People finally.
Specially Libra, Aquarius, cancer People have a good time for gaining high.
Aries, Leo, have peaceful time if they have stuck in some situation its time to get the release.
And as Specially Scorpion people have the last phase of “Sadesati” Will definitely give some special thing before leaving.
Also, have Sagittarius and Capricorn have comfort time. As especially time to complete for all pending works and desires.

The most important negative factor is Saturn Ketu are conjunct together for the last 4 month. This conjunction will also split so its very fruitfull for all zodiacs.

Astrologer Rutvik Vora.