Jupiter in Sagittarius from 4th Nov 2019.

Guys Now its time to Change Jupiter transit in Sagittarius its own House. This Jupiter is Developing or direct condition and after 29th march 2020 it changes its shine in Capricorn. So this article is based up to Month of November to March for all 12 zodiacs. let us discuss various effect on all 12 zodiacs (Moon Sign).

Aries : Its time to relief because now Jupiter transit in your 9th place. Its time to your self development , Success, progress .good for students in education improvement higher studies. Benefits for growth of their children’s.

Taurus: Taurus people have Jupiter in 8th place create hidden things and enemies but also good time to selling old properties as per dasa and other planets.

Gemini: Gemini people Jupiter in 7th house its activates social work social life. For all bachelors good time to find your life partner. Its also good time for partnerships. Gaining of money income also be possible.

Cancer: Cancer people have time to find New work Job. Time to Expanding family members also. Also time to spending money for Good things and family function.

Leo: Leo people have in 5th house its indicate in Dharma Trikon enhance your luck your wealth enjoy the time with near once. Good for new child birth good for your children growth. Overall beneficial time.

Virgo : Virgo people have in 4th place it indicates good connection with your mother or mother land. Its improve your father carriers condition. Also if your searching new home its a good time buy a new home.

Libra: Libra people have in 3 rd house it indicates short or long travels it develops the relation with siblings or your own brother sisters. Enhance the luck also.

Scorpio : Scorpio people have in 2nd house after January Jupiter gives more and more good results. Also improve your carrier goals planes. New job business.

Sagittarius : Sagittarius people who lives in pain its good tome to relief. With showering of Jupiter blessings in your own shine it gives more and more best result for any development.

Capricorn : Capricorn people have in your 12th house indicates spiritual journey developing the spiritual growth. Expense of money in social function or spiritual work.

Aquarius : Aquarius people have in 11th place indicates gaining of money develop the new friends circal. Good time for new baby born. For students have good time for development.

Pieces : Pisces people have in 10th house indicates time to find new begging of work promotion in job or business develop. Also good for departmental changes. Improves also financial condition of father and relation with father.

Astrologer: Rutvik U Vora.

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