Get High In The Hippie Vibes- 7 Famous and Crazy festivals to visit in Kasol 2020!!

For experiencing the most vibrant and booming music festivals in the country, Kasol is the perfect place to visit. The Hippie village hosts the most popular and amazing Psy and trance parties throughout the year. Travelers, backpackers, and hippies visit Kasol from all over the World and experience the great music vibes around. New year will be back in 2 months, so get ready to embark on some amazing music festivals that will make your new year a happening one.

Here are the 7 most famous music festivals that will take you High:

  1. Himachal Hills Festivals

With amazing live DJ performances, delicious cuisines, and crazy vibes the Himachal Hills festival is great to enjoy your new year in Kasol. This 2-day festival starts from 30th December offers crazy music tracks, amazing aura, and camping experience. Himachal hills festival attracts hippies from all over the world. With the spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains and chilly weather visit this music festival. Get close to nature with some soulful music and embrace the beauty around.

  1. New Year Eve at Kasol

Begin your new year at the little Amsterdam of India. Kasol hosts the most amazing new year party eves. Welcome the new year with the foot-tapping music,

Lips-smacking Israeli delicacies, drinks, beverages, and a great environment. Stay in tents and experience living under the star-studded skies, and waking up to the alluring sunrises.

The activities which you enjoy at the New Year Eve are:

  • Live DJ performances
  • Bonfire
  • Food counters
  • Riverside Camping
  • New Year Celebrations
  1. Kasol Music Festival

Welcoming the new year with great music, camping, dance, drinks, with your best friends at Kasol is the best thing you can do in the year-end. Get up to dance on the amazing beats played by renowned DJs from all across the world. Also, enjoy the food delicacies, bonfire, camping near the Parvati river, and other activities while partying in Kasol. It is a great festival for Psytrance lovers.

The festival will take you back to the Himalayan vibes and the music will energize your soul. The Kasol Music Festival is a not-to-be-missed event.

  1. Parvati Shangri La Festival

A one day blow out festival in Kasol will give you all the trippy vibes and trance music will transform you into some other world. With amazing DJ parties, laser shows, international cuisines, drinks,  flea markets, camping near riverside will give you an unforgettable experience. Parvati Shangri la festival comes under the most happening New year parties in Kasol. The festival is organised in the most beautiful valley of Parvati River. Forget all your worries and get high on a new energy.

  1. Kasol and Tosh New Year Eve

The popular festival to celebrate the new year eve in the laps of nature. The Kasol-Tosh festival welcomes you with great music, camping near the riverside, great food, stalls selling funky Bob Marley t-shirts and handicrafts, and soulful aura.

Dance on the tapping beats of Psy music played by renowned DJs and get lost into the divine aura of nature. Enjoy the festival from sunset till sunrise and make your new year eve a memorable one.

  1. Hype Music Festival

Get ready for the thundering Kasol Hype Music Festival and rock the floor with amazing dance beats played by International DJs. Highlights of the festival are live performances, barbeque, camping, food stalls, and flea market. The illusionary decor of the festival will make your New Year Party a trippy one. The fun gets double with the psychedelic tunes and beats. Get an unforgettable experience by doing this amazing music party.

  1. 3rd Eye New Year festival

Get ready for the craziest trippy parties of all time. Start your new year from the 3rd Eye festival. With great Psy music and all the facilities like amazing food, unlimited booze, dance, DJ performances, games, and comfortable stay in tents between the mighty mountains of Kasol. Catch the captivating views of nature and get lost into the vibes of Psy.

All these are famous music festivals of Kasol that will make your new year a memorable one. Get trippy and book your tickets now to experience getting high on nature. This is something offbeat you can do in Kasol apart from trekking and camping.

Live. Travel. Explore!!

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