5 Most Expensive Wine Collection You Should Try

Most Expensive Wine Collection

A great way to get a break from your hectic schedules and get relief from stress is to drink wine. No matter whether you are upset, broken or having a romantic dinner with your wife, wine is always the best drink to compliment your mood. This is the main reason the wine industry is growing more and more rapidly. Now, in the 21st century you may have seen the new brands beating the old ones, due to the prices and quality. The competition is getting more tough, and companies are providing more unique and stress relief drink for the happy hour. But do you ever feel to invest in the most expensive wine collections?

The most expensive and old brands, never lose their charm due to the delicious taste they provide. Who doesn’t want to fill their under counter wine refrigerator with expensive wine collection? When those brands prepare wine with the high-quality delicious grapes adding into the fermentation process. To find out the expensive wine collections that make your taste buds experience the magical unique drink you need to continue reading this blog.

1.   Burgundy

The burgundy is a must-add expensive wine collection drink due to its delicious taste opt from the burgundy region’s grapes. The world’s single greatest grapes-growing region that produces high-quality wines to the world. Almost 9 out of 10 wine experts agree to this statement. In 2017 seven out of the ten most expensive bottle of wines were burgundies.

Burgundy is home to different numerous districts that are further home to vineyard or crus. They normally produce two types of burgundy drinks called as red burgundy and white burgundy. If you want to taste heaven’s drink you must need to add this in your bucket list.

2.   Champagne

The only place that remains synonymous with sparkling wine for centuries is champagne. The bubbly is a process known as the superb version of wine produced all over the globe. Although, you need to pay more for good stuff. In champagne, the high price isn’t the reflection of yield. But the luxury houses spend more on the method of production and labour-intensive. Add this in your wine collection to experience the unique taste.

3.   Bordeaux

It is said by Johnson and Robinson for Bordeaux that “The world’s archetypes for blends of cabernets and merlot” this wine could make you feel light but cost you more expensive than ordinary vodka. It is a sweet white wine that takes place back in 1855 in France. Now it had taken the top slot in regional price ranking due to the high demand and exceptional quality. You can add this as a luxury asset in your wine collection list.

4.   Rhone Valley Wines

There is no particular time for drinking wine. It is said that meal without wine is called as breakfast and Rhone valley wines hold the 4th position in the expensive wine collection. It includes whites from viognier and syrah (shiraz) to taste delicious.

5.   Napa Valley Cabernet

America is famous for its viticulture area that gives freedom in appellation regulation. The winemakers easily opt for high-quality grapes but still needs to label Napa Valley. This wine so expensive that it could make your jaw dropped but at the same time it makes you so relax after you drink it. To add this in your expensive wine collections you may start making friends in high places.

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