Process to Obtain a Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190


If permanent residency is the soul of the Australian dream of a skilled person, then Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 is the body of it. To grant this visa document, Australia must be in the know-how of personal details like name, the place of residence, the stay duration, individual or accompanied visit etc. A visa, let it be anyone- to have an applicant’s name in it, requires specific procedural ways to be followed. With this visa in hand, the applicant can lawfully enjoy the benefits as that of a permanent resident, including the family.


With this visa subclass 190, the applicant can legally lead a life and work as a permanent resident. This visa incurs AUD 4,045 onwards as a chargeable fee. Mostly 75% of the application takes a time limit of 9 months, whereas 95% may take a more extended processing period of 10 months. Once granted, the visa holder can work and study in Australia without any restriction about the location. It also entitles one and eligibility to sponsor the relatives if they also meet the eligibility criteria. There is also a possibility of one being lawfully accepted as an Australian citizen.
For all these dreams to come, true one must choose and acquire the skills of an occupation which is mentioned in the relevant skilled list. Further, the applicant must be familiar with the skills assessment as needed for the chosen profession. Having satisfactorily completed the points test, the applicant should possess an invitation to apply.


Before this visa subclass 190 becomes a practical reality of being fulfilled, one must cross the relevant five checkpoints. They are – i) checking ii) submitting iii) waiting for iv) gathering and v) applying.

Enrooted checkpoint 1 one should check whether the applicant has – i) scored a minimum of 65 points and ii)selected occupation in line with the one mentioned in the skilled occupation list. Crossing the first hurdle next one is to register an Expression of interest in the SkillSelect.Hurdle number 3 is to get an invitation to apply. Overcoming that Gathering the relevant documents is the next one. The last but the primary activity is using within the time limit of 60 days


The conditions that come with this visa are – i) 8504 visa guarantee – that is the applicant will be in Australia before the entry date mentioned in the grant letter and ii) 8515 visa guarantee – the applicant will not marry or enter into the de facto relationship before entry into Australia.


The eligibility criteria are –

➢ Invited entry

➔ Once nominated suitably an invitation to apply will be extended

➔ The nomination of the future applicant depends on specific requirements as given below

➢ Nominated entry

➔ An agency of state or territory government of Australia must have nominated the applicant upon the EOI (entry of interest) submission

➔ The EOI must be complete in all respects

➔ There is eight state or territory government of Australia which is vested with the power of nomination. They are – i) Western Australia ii) south Australia iii)Australian Capital Territory iv) New South Wales v)Queensland vi) Tasmania vii) Victoria and viii) Northern Territory

➔ In case of nomination withdrawal for any reason, the lodged application is deemed as invalid

➢ Entry after Relevant skills assessment acquirement

➔ Applicant must be ready to submit a copy of the suitable skills evaluated

➔ The applicant may be a Medical practitioner or practitioner of Law

➔ If a medical practitioner, he should be registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency irrelevant of whether one is unconditional general medical or conditioned specialist practitioner

➔ If practising law, one must have been admitted by relevant state or territory

➔ The assessment must have been completed three years before the date of receiving the invitation to apply

➢ Age relevant entry

➔ The applicant must be below 45 years when invited to apply

➔ The invitation becomes null and void once an applicant turns 45 after EOI submission but before receiving the invitation

➢ Sufficient Score points entry

➔ A minimum of 65 scores or above must be collected

➔ Based on the claims submitted in the EOI points scored will be indicated

➔ In case of failing to score a high enough score points invitation will be declined. Otherwise

➔ The additional score looks to be obtained when an assessment takes place will be indicated

➔ Proof of evidence for the claims must be submitted as a supportive indicator as this visa 190 depends on points-tested


Apart from the criteria mentioned above one must have proof of- i)Compliance with skill requirements ii) The expected level of English language skills attainment iii)Health and character requirements iv) No dues to the government v) No previous visa cancellation or refusal. Also, the assessment must have been completed three years before the date of receiving the invitation to apply. I recommend you to contact Immigration Agent Adelaide for legal assistance in case of any trouble regarding visa application.

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