Why Use Split tests

Why Use Split tests

Why Use Split tests

Your autoresponder will easily let you know what is working best. And there are also other ways besides Adwords (which can get costly) in which you can do your split testing. For example, on certain internet forums, they allow you to put a little description of your site or service in your signature line. Ensure to perform testing similar to the white box and black box testing to Simply play around with different messages and see what gets the most clicks.

Still another benefit of split testing is that once you find what works, it frees up a lot of your time to focus on other aspects of your business. You can just stick with the successful portions of your split testing until they no longer become effective. Then and only then will you have to go back to split testing.

How to split test

We are going to assume that you realize the importance of split testing.

After all, the title of this article pretty much assures you do. However, you must know how to split test if you are going to have any hope of succeeding in your internet endeavours. By the time you are finished reading this, it is our hope that you will have a good idea of how to split test. First, we will give a brief primer on why you need to do so.

Don’t just presume that because you have that fancy looking website put up with that elaborate sales button or opt-in form that this is all you will need to do. Most of the software testing companies then have to market the site along with its service or product. And the most effective way by far to do this is to split test. Now we get into how to split test. First, if you are using ads, rotate them. Don’t just stop at two. If you can, try and have three or four different ones with which to test.

However, do not make them drastically different. Just tweak one or two minor things on each and see which one pulls and/or converts best. This next tip on how to split test is one of the most important of all. Track your ads and campaigns. Failure to do so could very well make your split testing all for nothing. Without good tracking, you will have no idea what is working and what isnít.

Utilize analytics in your spit testing. There is Google Analytics along with Alexa and other methods with which to do so. Where Alexa comes in handy is that it helps you learn how to formulate your future split testing methods. Now, if you are utilizing split testing from an email standpoint there are some important things to note.

However many different types of emails you decide to send out; make sure they are evenly divided among your subscribers. This will give you a crystal clear picture of what is getting the most clicks and conversions. Should you find that none of them is getting the desired results, simply go back to the drawing board and come up with new ones.

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