9 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic In 2019

Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

In this tech-driven world where most people, 2.7 billion (to be precise), now use mobile phones to carry out everyday activities, the need to have a substantial online presence has increased.

This is why most businesses keeps looking for ways to increase traffic on their website for this they take web development services for better results.

So what do you do? You’re no expert either, are you? (Why’d you be here had you been an expert? Stupid question!)

I digress.

Anyway, I tried a few tricks to take my website several notches up. Below is a list of 10 tried and tested methods that should help you too, if implemented properly. You can easily turn your underperforming website into a money-making machine!

  1. Improve Older Posts
  2. Try “Click to Tweet” Links
  3. Include LSI Keywords
  4. Use The Content Relaunch Strategy
  5. Share Visual Content on LinkedIn
  6. Use Facebook Ads to Retarget Visitors
  7. Write Long-Form Content
  8. Optimize Website for Google’s Mobile-First Index
  9. Create Attention-Grabbing Social Media Posts

1.     Improve Older Posts

With time, just like milk goes bad, even the content on your website can go stale, decreasing traffic. The graph below clearly suggests what happens to older blogs.

Source: Neil Patel

Upgrading old content will help boost SEO efficiency and website traffic, thus improving your overall fresh score. Google will know that your content is now new and you will see a rush of new blood on your website.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Find an outdated post on your website.
  • Update the post and add the latest statistics and key points. Add new strategies and tricks and eliminate old ones to improve your content.

You’ll see traffic shooting up like a spaceship!

In fact, updating old posts is a better idea than adding new posts to increase SEO traffic.

2.     Try “Click to Tweet” Links

Increasing content shares couldn’t get any easier and more effective than this method.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Look for tweetable stuff in your content, such as a small tip, strategy, or statistic. For example, every heading of this blog post can be made into tweetable content.
  • Go to ClickToTweet.com and write a tweet.
  • You’ll get a special link created.
  • Include this link somewhere in the content with a catchy call-to-action (CTA).
  • Your readers will see a pop-up box with a pre-written tweet. They can easily share this now.

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

3.     Include LSI Keywords

Obviously, SEO is the most important when it comes to driving website traffic. However, things have changed and the old SEO strategies do not seem to work any more.

This is all because of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm that helps the search engine understand topics!

The new algorithm affects 90% of all searched, says Google, because Hummingbird doesn’t focus on keywords anymore, it pays attention to the topics.

So how can you make Hummingbird understand your topic?

The answer: LSI Keywords.

These are the keywords that are very closely related to the target keyword.

So, for a post about social media, the LSI keywords could be:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn content
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

If your content contains these words, then Google would definitely know that your post is about social media.

You can find LSI keywords with the help of a tool called LSI Graph.

Include these keywords in your content to see the magic!

4.     Use the Content Relaunch Strategy

So this is almost like the first strategy in this post, but with an interesting twist.

You completely relaunch the entire content instead of improving it in places.

This means that your old post will be like a brand new post.

Revamp and relaunch an old post and share it on social media. Do not forget your newsletter subscribers.

This will help you gain more traffic.

5.     Share Visual Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing real fast due to its sudden seriousness in being the top hiring site for employees and employers alike.

In fact, people are sharing content on LinkedIn more than ever, according to a research study by BuzzSumo.

It goes without saying that you can do wonders with your content on LinkedIn. But not everything sells. You need…

Video content.

Videos are the preferred choice for most social media users.

According to a study by Forbes, users spend 88% more time on a website that has a video.

So, not just on LinkedIn, a video would work on any social media website as 72% of people prefer learning about a product/service through a video than through text published on the same page.

6.     use facebook Ads to Retarget Visitors

Facebook ads are now getting really expensive.


There is a loophole that can help you retarget visitors for very little money.

Here’s how:

Create a Facebook ad to drive people to your blog post.

Now, target those who have at least once visited your website in the last month or so.

Now run the add.

The CPC will be much cheaper than other ad platforms, such as Google AdWords.

7.     Write Long-Form Content

Long-form content is the need of the hour.

BuzzSumo analyzed a million articles to see which kind of articles work best.

The result, you ask?

Long-form content got more shares, backlinks, etc. than shorter ones.

The most demanded content today is how-to guides, everything about something articles, strategies, techniques, etc. These kinds of posts go way beyond 5-6k words and that’s what gets the most website traffic.

8.     Optimize Website for Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google rolled out its mobile-first search index in 2017.

Meaning that the mobile version of your website is counted first.

Now, to see if your site is optimized for mobile phones, you can use Google’s free tool:

The Mobile-Friendly Test.

This will give you insights into how to improve your website for mobile phones and also tell you if you are currently mobile-friendly or not.

9.     Create Attention-Grabbing Social Media Posts

Most social media posts go unnoticed because they have no purpose for the user.

For example, take a look at this:

This is bland. Nobody knows what this is about.

You need to grab users’ attention.


By adding content to the post.


















This will increase the click-through rate (CTR) and get you more website traffic.

You’ll see more comments, likes, shares, all just because of that extra content.

Your Turn to Try

This post showed 9 proven strategies to increase website traffic.

Try them out and let me know in the comments which technique worked for you the best.

Maybe you can start by improving your older posts.

Or you could start preparing an explanatory video.

The choice is yours!

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