Here’s A Comprehensive Travel Guide For Solo Travellers

Travelling solo can be a liberating experience, but, at the same time, is challenging as well. India has witnessed a steady rise in the number of solo travellers with an annual footfall of 65,600 in 2019. This number is only set to increase in the upcoming years as the trend is setting pace among the millennial. What is even more striking, of all the solo travellers, 72% are females. As per, 59% of female travellers prefer to travel alone exclusively.

However, making a solo trip is a lot easier said than done; especially, if it is your first-ever solo travel. There are numerous things to consider like – budget, itinerary, etc. Plus, there remain the risk of accidents, theft or loss of belongings, medical emergencies, etc. With a solo traveller cover, you can receive financial coverage to address such risks effortlessly.

Here are some of the essential tips for first-time solo travellers.

  • Decide the destination appropriately

According to seasoned travellers, the experience of uncharted territories in a solo trip is far more significant than the destination itself. That being said, it is advisable to settle on a place that is comparatively less risky for your first travel. Additionally, avail a solo travel insurance policy before embarking to stay protected against unforeseen situations.

For instance, you can settle with a solo traveller insurance cover with which, you can tackle emergency situations like losing your cards or getting stranded in a foreign land. With the best solo travel cover in India, you can enjoy 24/7 instant card blocking service, emergency hotel and travel assistance along with a host of other benefits.

  • Plan your itinerary carefully

Solo trips leave enough room for flexibility as one does not have to comply with others on deciding an itinerary. However, that doesn’t mean you will hit any place you want to. Proper homework on your chosen destination is essential for minimising unwanted risks.

Simultaneously, you must chalk out the highlights of a destination and also seek opportunities to ‘live like a local’ for a few days. The best thing about solo travel is the endless possibilities one can experience on the trip. So, take some time off and decide what your viable options are to proceed accordingly.

Also, buy a domestic travel insurance policy online to keep you financially covered against unexpected shortcomings and enjoy other loads of benefits.

  • Chalk out your budget

Two things that are crucial to your solo trip budget are – accommodation and transport. Transportation includes sightseeing, pickup, drop, etc. which must be factored in. On the other hand, accommodation can be a little tricky. Experts recommend choosing budgetfriendly options such as student hostels, ashrams, etc. These provide a decent stay with modern amenities without putting a strain on your budget.

However, first-time travellers at times fall victim to thefts or snatching in foreign lands. Thus, availing a baggage insurance plan can be your go-to option. With such travel insurance schemes, you can enjoy coverage against theft or damage to baggage from fires, riots, etc.

  • Book your tickets well in advance

Once your travel itinerary and budget are finalised, it is time to book your tickets. As the Indian subcontinent is well-connected with railway which is also the cheapest mode of travel, you can go for it. However, if you are inclined into buying air tickets or prefer more comfort, book as early as possible to get the best deal.

Likewise, book your accommodation at least 6 months in advance to enjoy exclusive offers and rebates. You can use various applications to make bookings online. Keep in mind the check-in and check-out times and book accordingly.

These tips, along with a solo traveller cover, can help you embark on your much-desired tour stress-free. Approach a reliable issuer to avail the best benefits on an insurance policy.