9 Simple Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom looking boring and out of fashion? Has your tiny devil just done some work of art on the wall? Let’s just ponder about this; if you did have an elegant bedroom, you would surely watch his movements every time you saw him with a crayon. First of all, it is important to maintain cleanliness in your bedroom before starting re-decoration.

Invest in a HEPA vacuum backpack cleaner to clean your bedroom and effectively. On second thought, if you did have an elegant bedroom, you would just allow him to use the crayon on his bedroom wall or maybe buy a big board for him to express himself.

To cut the long story, short let’s just talk about the top tips to redecorate your bedroom. They are very simple and show quick results. You could also visit an outlet that deals with home improvement products for you to get your ideas rolling about home decor and maybe pick up a few things later on.

1. Remove clutter

First of all, remove all the small items that clutter your bedroom leaving just the bed and maybe your empty wardrobe behind. Discard all unwanted, outdated clothes, books, etc. that crowd the bedroom.

Clean every corner with a HEPA vacuum cleaner to get rid of accumulated dust particles. Once you clean the wardrobe inside out, you can compartmentalize each item that has to go into different sections.

2. Paint Your Bedroom

Paint or wallpaper your room with a nice color of your choice. A deep or dark shade for a bedroom is now in vogue. The lighting should be controlled in such a way that it meets your needs; say if you usually read in bed every night, you should get a bedside lamp installed.

3. Invest In Matching Curtains

Matching curtains, counterpanes, and rugs! Check out matching curtains with big floral prints, with matching self-color bed sheets and rugs to accentuate the room. Changing the angle of the bed would give you a different perspective. A small rug placed at the side of your bed would give your feet a soft landing when you wake up every morning.

Maintain your curtain neat and clean always. Clean them once a week with the help of the HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner. This simple trick will let your curtain clean always.

4. Give It a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to your furniture will enhance the ambiance. There is nothing like putting a jar of potpourri or a scented candle on a side table to go with the mood. Get family portraits done on special occasions; do just enough so as not to clutter the place.

Handmade flowers do look attractive and are easy to maintain, so why not arrange one and place it in a pretty pot. A friend of mine even makes tissue and crape flowers to add her own touch to her bedroom.

5. Side Table and Shelves

If you don’t have an extra place in your house, such as a study room, make a study area consisting of a long table to also accommodate a computer, a chair, and also your favorite books.

If running short of space, a couple of shelves on the wall will not be bad but will allow you to be more organized and at the same time, give you leg space. You could also put your personal items over there.

6. Purchase Things as Per the Budget

Everyone has a budget when it comes to renovating or updating their bedroom. The key to sticking to your budget is prioritizing what you want to change – do the walls need a new color or wallpaper?

Do you need to invest in better storage, or would you love a new mattress or television? Select one luxury item for your bedroom makeover to make a big difference.

7. Optimum Storage Solution

A cluttered bedroom is an ugly bedroom! You may have many possessions, books, and clothing that you don’t want to throw away, but you can still store them in a tidy way! A shelving unit or set of drawers is an easy way to make the most of your space while organizing your bedroom and keeping clutter away.

Also, make sure that your storage shelves are clean and shiny always. You should clean the storage system once a month with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to check HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner reviews before investing in one.

8. Consider Optimum Theme

It is best to keep your bedroom aligned with the theme or “mood” of the rest of the house. If your home is minimalist, sleek, and modern, an “English country” themed bedroom with chandeliers, floral prints, and pastel colors will look out of place!

And remember, if you are sharing a bedroom with your partner, you will need to make sure the “theme” of your bedroom suits them as well.

9. Invest In Luxury Bedding

There’s no point in giving your bedroom a makeover if it’s not going to be comfortable! Your bedroom is primarily for sleep and rest, so it makes sense to prioritize your bedding when it comes to updating your bedroom. If you can afford to buy a new luxury mattress – great!

If not, or if your mattress is already satisfactory, give your bedroom an update with the new luxury bed linen. If only the best will do, consider buying yourself a silk duvet inner made from Natural Mulberry Silk!

Final Words

Keep these points in mind when updating your bedroom, and remember that if you invest in some luxury bedding, a good duvet, pillow, and blankets, you’ll be surprised at the difference they can make to the quality of your sleep, and the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom!

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