A Step Closer Into the Future of Content Marketing Trends 2020

Before diving excitedly into the new sphere of trends in content marketing, you and I both know we have to understand the value of content marketing, how to create effective strategies for it, and knowing its value in the world of business. Content marketing is like the hub of all competitors, ready in line and more than ready to rip the highest title from another competing company. Especially in the world of modern technology and the need for various online platforms, content marketing strategies are needed more than ever.

Many business holders don’t seem to understand the value of content marketing in their business ventures. It is a proven fact, that most businesses; regardless of size expansion or power, often crash and fail for not coming up with any deem worthy content marketing strategies. You have to know over and over, that for every business to thrive or even survive, you have to be able to inculcate it into your business endeavors. It helps you set your company apart from the rest; building walls of trust and credibility with your competition and among the many communities in the online world.


Diving a little deeper

Most of us, including myself, often get a little ahead of ourselves, when trying to build up your business empire. But before tipping your toes into the next level, you have to come up with unique ways to create advertising for your business or brand; regardless of traditional ways, to be able to move on to marketing them. Whatever your business plans may be, content marketing strategies have a way of pushing them a step up, through various mediums of the online world, through videos, educational seminars, case studies, interviews, blogs and so much more.

Content marketing has a lot of value in business in so many different ways. Sometimes the kind of content or material you create has a longer-lasting value as compared to those you often strive so hard to do, the traditional way. All the content you put together, whether through a Wiki page made by a Wikipedia page creator agency, in turn advertises your brand, your entire outlook and in no time attracts the largest amount of audience towards your platform, ultimately turning visitors into lifelong customers or clients.

What’s trending in 2020?

Now since we’re nearly towards the closing of the year, let’s see what we can look forward to, in the not so far away 2020! Did you know that the content marketing realm is rapidly growing and is said to be worth $412 billion dollars, most probably in the next two years? That’s exactly the kind of importance that content marketing has for most businesses. So here’s what to expect in the coming year. Ready? Ok, let’s go!

Personalized content

It has been going around for a long time and will continue to grow and make more advancements. That’s how good it is! Creating personalized content is the process of knowing what the needs and requirements of your targeted audience are, and create content around them. It is a proven fact that content personalization has skyrocketed in increasing or providing the best kind of experiences for every customer or audience in the industry.

Interactive content – VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality)

For most of us who have no knowledge of the two, VR and AR have the perks of conjoining a virtual and actual reality into one; through enhancements of digital features. Apps like Snap chat use AR and VR combined together. Since the increase in its value, it has become a lot more cost-friendly to achieve. But what does that do for us content marketers? It’s simple, we have the access to create multiple AR and VR related schemes and create suitable platforms like chat rooms etc. to know what the public demand is and has become.

Classic storytelling

No customer likes to be double-sided nor blindsided by fancy terms and terminologies. Storytelling in its classic form is what was and what will always be in style. Every customer or audience loves true content in its raw form. No beating about the bush, just simply straight to the point. The content honestly doesn’t even have anything to do with the brand or business itself, but can be about honest feedbacks or stories about how their customer’s experience was. That itself adds to marketing.

Visual-aid media

This is the time and era of social media and mainly it’s content. Would you like to be a part of any media platform that only and only revolves around textual information? No, neither would I! The promotion of brands and businesses or even large companies are done through the visual-aid of videos, illustrations, images, etc. keeping it very real and very engaging.

Chatbots and marketing

The days of having a 24/7 human behind every phone and screen have long gone. The age of chatbots and AI-related technologies have now taken over, maximizing the customers’ experience through its assistance. And even better, it is available in all languages!

Authentic brand voices

You don’t have to create a new to move into the new. Sometimes what’s already happening and thriving is what is needed in the new years to come. Traditional marketing strategies have been prevailing for a very long time and will never go out of style. Even though the world is advancing or moving ahead, most of us customers love living according to what we’re used to; through the advertisements of billboards, newspaper, TV and radio etc.

To Conclude

So all you active content marketers out there, what will you take from this and straight into the new year? Content marketing really is and will always have the upper hand in promoting and advertising almost any kind of business. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to sell, it only matters how you do it and what kind of strategies you use.