Mobile application is a key to your business’ success

With the advent of the era of information technology, mobile applications have taken a strong position in the market and online performance here is growing rapidly every year. Today, using a mobile phone, users solve a variety of problems, from viewing the latest news, online shopping for goods and services, to VR and AR solutions. The mobile application will help optimize your business and provide services to your customers in various fields of activity. In such case, it is recommended to hire an expert app developer or a team of mobile application developer Florida to get an app for your business.

Increase customer loyalty

Use push notifications and keep in touch with your customers, notify about updates, new products, promotions, etc.

Additional sales channel

Provide the opportunity for your customers to always be on hand, as today there are more than two billion unique smartphone users.

Sales growth

Using referral links, coupons, promotional codes and bonus systems will increase the reach of a new audience for your business.

Development of iOS/Android

IOS is the most advanced mobile operating system. The speed and functionality of this mobile operating system has no analogues in the world. The target audience of iOS users is young, progressive and developing people, covering which you, as a representative of a business from various industries, can count the strategic growth of the company.

Android is the most common mobile operating system. Its popularity is due to the lower cost of the mobile phones themselves on which it stands. Android applications cover a multi-million audience and this indicator is growing rapidly. Having developed a unique Android application, you get a unique opportunity develop faster and make the services provided more qualitative and convenient.

Mobile application as a marketing tool

Creating mobile applications is an effective tool for increasing sales, attracting new customers and partners, creating a positive image, and reaching a new level of business. Brands of different directions have mobile applications – courier services, online stores, food delivery, banking, education (courses, training’s). If you plan to develop a brand, you want to beat competitors and increase audience loyalty, the development of a mobile application is a significant step for any company.

Statistics show that sales of mobile phones are 6 times faster than sales of computers and laptops. The smartphone in its technical capabilities is not inferior to a PC and has several advantages: light weight, compact dimensions, high power and performance, the device is always at hand.

Conventionally, all applications (including Android) can be divided into 3 types:

Web applications. This is a variant of the website that is displayed by any smartphone. Advantages: fast development, small investments, cross-platform (the ability to install on various operating systems). Disadvantages: with their help it is difficult to make good money.

Hybrid Advantages: have push notifications that can be placed in stores. It is possible to make some changes without releasing a new version. It is also a great option to realize an idea and look at the result.

Native Advantages: more advantageous in functionality and speed. It is possible to distribute through stores. Disadvantages: creation time and cost of work.

Android is the most common platform and the easiest access to stores. Many seek to promote their applications to the top.

An expert team of app developers can translate your business ideas into superior and cost-effective mobile applications. Your business will turn into a thriving mobile enterprise. In addition, they will help enhance your existing products and launch them on the new platforms.

Such experts in the field of web development usually use the most popular cross-platform technologies for creating web applications and HTML5 hybrid mobile applications optimized for mobile devices, which are not inferior to native applications in terms of ease of use. Such developers have rich experience in creating fast applications for Android, iOS and Windows.