How to Optimizing the Contract Management Process

Contract Management Process

Many consider this contract management team as playing with an administrative function within any company. But a structured and effective contract management procedure can function as the backbone to additional procedures like business development and fiscal management. A successful contract management method is currently vital to establishing a company’s corporate plan and supreme vision. Organizations which have a successful procedure set up have a definite competitive edge over others which don’t.

The Issues

Sixty to 80 per cent of trades inside a business are regulated by contracts, and such contracts drive and inform a company’s daily business and have a massive effect on their bottom line. Managing contracts, and in an ad hoc way, contributes to greater risks and costs.

Many organizations want to move out of an ad hoc point to a mature phase of Contract Lifecycle Management but might not recognize the recent challenges and inefficiencies that have to be overcome to successfully execute a continuously enhanced contract management procedure. Disconnected processes and time-consuming procedures could lead to poor visibility, compliance risks and missed opportunities such as analytics.

The Opportunities

A company needs to take a step back and completely analyze its present situation and decide where it needs to be. A company needs to list out the measurements that are most significant like risk management, compliance, continuous improvement and plan to be able to define the difference between optimal and current phases.

When the company has a notion of its existing situation compared to the perfect situation, measures could be taken to achieve gains.

The Benefits

Once an organization implements a constantly improved and productive contract management process, the changes will likely affect the effectiveness and competitiveness of their business as a whole. Results will probably be seen from these advantages as:

Streamlined Processes

 With a single compact procedure which entails the many functional groups, communicating between parties is significantly more efficient and effective, reducing wasted time and simple work. Because of this, identification instances, payment cycle occasions and negotiating cycle instances can be significantly decreased and track Contract Management KPIs.

Increased Earnings

Using a successful procedure in position and cycle times decreased, additional time can now be concentrated on negotiating better contracts and identifying opportunities. Additionally, using a seamless contract management procedure, all operational groups involved in the procedure are more attentive to the vital tasks because of better communication. By way of instance, accounts receivable may be advised when to bill all services rendered and accumulate penalties and fees where applicable, and also on a more timely basis.

Decreased Revenue Leakage

Within an ineffective and guide surroundings, generally, 15 percentage of rebate admissions processed possess some level of error associated with them. By way of instance, when working with a midsize pharmaceutical firm whose rebates equivalent $344 million, there’s a potential vulnerability of $51.6 million which may be in error.

Reduced Prices

Using a procedure in place, organizations can reduce costs in a number of ways. A proper contract management process comprises using one repository, therefore reducing material/service expenses. A more efficient procedure reduces maintenance expenses, which in turn can decrease administrative expenses.


Because of this, a company can set priorities, and implement a process improvement program to comprehend and preserve significant advantages. When the new improved platform is established, a constant improvement program may be implemented together with advanced analytical instruments to result in identifying business performance.

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