Tips to create an amazing whiteboard animation

Since the cavemen, there is verification of whiteboard animation! At that time, people draw photos of things on the walls to demonstrate various points. Whether you believe it or not, whiteboard animation has been a means of communication ever since in its various formats. Videos from Custom Whiteboard Video Animation Company have an incredible power to convey ideas in a very simple and engaging way. You have another enormous advantage: you can quickly capture the attention of the viewer as the narrative just takes place before your eyes! This short checklist can help you understand the key aspects that your video on the whiteboard must always have.

Informative For Everyone:

This is one of the most important characteristics of this audio explainer. And make the most of that! The aim of whiteboard videos is to be instructional, so if you need any knowledge or observations that can be difficult to understand and comprehend, then choose this type!

Relating Drawings:

Not a small detail! It is necessary for you to connect the video sketches and make the audience understand what is happening on the screen. If you do not do so, it can end up being harmful to your video if too many beginning or drawing-and-erase pieces. You must guarantee that the plot is working. When you can’t do it, it becomes more of a black and white movie than an animated video from a whiteboard. Your drawing should talk with animation, to show relationship.

White Background must be use:

The video White board says something to you, correct? Don’t miss the essential thing! Do not skip this basic thing! To put it simply: the drawing hand makes certain drawings on a whiteboard in a video with a whiteboard to illustrate a particular story. You are going to wreck the essence of this particular style and certainly look strange if you plan to improvise and use some other color as a backdrop.

Add some Colors:

As we all know, this type of animation always happen on whiteboard, which means its background is always white. So adding some colors on characters will increase its visibility. It will be easy to capture kid’s attention.

Active Characters:

What an animated video carries? Characters! Make your characters so active and fun-loving that even the adults couldn’t take their eyes off from your animated video. Make sure they have an attractive personality. For some reference, you can always look back to Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and many more.

Use hints of your Brands:

A video of the whiteboard should not look dull or sad. Nevertheless, it ought also not to be too bright. Alternatively, you should add several clues to the color palette of your product in order to strengthen your image. Counseling part: just apply a color brush. Do not misuse this because traditionally this theme is black and white.

Classical Content:

Make sure your video is classic in look. Attractive doesn’t mean bright colors and all type of decorations. Of course you can be creative with the animation but you also need to be very careful with the colors and do not over do the animation.


Animated videos are the videos that explain your story in character forms and help you to understand the narration very effectively. It is good to repeat the steps we have explored above. Videos must be informative for the viewers, it must have a white background as it the whiteboard animation and must carry the classic look. The colors shall be used to attract children, adults and other age people to watch and learn from it. The animated videos must have memorable characters that can be easy to recall as well as easy to capture the attention of the viewer. And last but not least, the animation must relate to your drawing and convey an educational point of view in it.