How to Sort Out HP Printer From Offline to Online

In order to avoid the hp printer offline, the user needs to ensure that all printer drivers are accurately installed and updated. Constant and timely updation of system settings and printer drivers eradicates the possible errors that can occur while using the printer. HP printers have been designed as a user-friendly printer there are several tutorials available for them which navigate a user to use the printer for completing simple tasks. Once the HP printer is configured in the system you can reboot the system so that settings of the HP printer can be saved to your system. It can run a smooth operation on your system. Paper jams, low ink levels, voltage fluctuations, lack of compatibility are other reasons that reflect hp printer offline errors. 

HP is Printer is offline what causes this problem

As all we know, we can’t do anything without a printer. We have to print so many documents for our office work, business, personal use, etc. And we do our important work and see the error hp printer is offline we feel some irritate just because we have to do done completely on the urgent basis according to our projects. If you are facing problems with your hp printer offline so here we are going to tell you the methods for solving hp printer is an offline problem. So will get the right suggestions to solve printer keeps going offline issue. You have just follow these steps to sort out hp printer offline issue.


  •         Right click on the HP printer and see what is printing. To display on the printer spooler window.
  •         Please click on the HP printer, now click on the option use printer offline, and now click on the check box.
  •         This will allow you to get the printer online from offline mode.
  •         If the printer option is grayed out please use the below steps to bring the printer back online.
  •         The default printer driver has got changed.
  •         Please ensure the correct port is selected.
  •         Please turn the HP printer off and on.
  •         Then make sure it is in a ready state.
  •         Search window for devices, then click devices and printers in the list.
  •         Please find the printer you originally installed.
  •         Please check with the icon with a green checkmark which is displayed.
  •         Please choose the right icon, now select the default printer as HP printer.
  •         If the icon of the HP printer is grey in color then choose the HP printer as default printer. 
  •         Please click on continue to move ahead.
  •         Please note once you remove the check mark from use printer offline, the printer will get back online.
  •         Now please try and give a print command to print the file from the printer to test whether or not the HP printer is offline issue is resolved or not.
  •         If the printing job given to the HP printer offline to online successfully prints then the HP printer is back online again if not then you can follow the same steps once the printer goes offline once again.
  •         Search windows for devices, now select devices and printers, the list of devices and printers list opens.
  •         Please right click the HP printer option, now select the printer properties, the printer properties window opens.
  •         Please click the port tab, then find the name of your printer tab, in the printers column, please check if the printer uses a USB connection, make sure the port name and description includes, USB or DOT 4 for the printer uses a network connection, Make sure the printer uses a network connection, make sure the port name or description includes, WSD.
  •         Please select the correct port type, if the port type does not match the current port type of the HP Printer does not match the connection the printer will not connect to the server and print.

·         In case you are unable to work out these solutions, then please reset the firmware of the printer this will assist the user to get the HP printer back online from offline mode.