Three steps to create a Wikipedia page

If I asked you about where I could find the largest collection of knowledge and information in the world? If I asked you this question maybe fifteen years ago then I’m sure you must’ve taken the name of a library. But in the year 2019 if I ask you this question I’m pretty sure that you’ll be taking only one name. And that is Wikipedia. The large largest online collection of information which is available for anyone anywhere as long as they have access to the internet.

The use of Wikipedia as one of the main sources of knowledge has been increasing over the years and everyone uses Wikipedia for information every now and then. The demand for being visible on Wikipedia by many businesses was observed after this fact came to light. The business world is always on the lookout for new and improved ways of engaging their target audiences. They always trying to find new and innovative ways to reach their target markets.

Wikipedia pages and their increasing demand in the business world:

With the rise of the digital age the use of internet and Wikipedia has also brought about a change in the way businesses have started approaching their target markets. New and improved tools and ways are being used by business organizations to market themselves, making themselves more visible to their audience and attract their customer’s attention. Being in the spot light and constantly in front of their customers businesses and brands get the chance to not only engage their target market but it also has helped many brands to divert the traffic from their Wikipedia pages to their official homepages giving the brand a higher chance of making sales. There are many benefits of having a Wikipedia page for business organizations and brands and this is why it has been noticed that many people are jumping in to this page creation field and are trying to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for a brand.

The constant rise in the demand for having Wikipedia pages by different business organizations and brands alike have pulled many Wikipedia page creation agencies and individuals alike to get in this industry and earn good money out of this. For experienced and professional page creation agencies the approval rates are very high and mostly their clients are satisfied and content with their services. But many new Wikipedia writers have been observed to struggle to get there Wikipedia pages approved as they are making some very basic level mistakes which they avoid will give them a higher chance of getting their Wikipedia pages approved. Which will not only help increase their earnings but will also help them create a good reputation for themselves amongst the many Wikipedia volunteers.

There are three basics steps to creating your Wikipedia page that meets the basic standards of approval on Wikipedia. Every page that is created is reviewed very thoroughly by a number of Wikipedia users/volunteers who check if the standard of the Wikipedia page is up to the level or not. If the page fail to meet the criteria of the platform then it is taken down or disapproved. Now, it is not as if these volunteers are ready to disapprove your pages but they are only checking these pages because they want the standard of the pages and its content to be reliable and authentic which is according to the policies and guidelines of the platform.

Following are the three basic steps that will have you on the right track if you are a new Wikipedia writer.

  • Thorough familiarization of the policies and guidelines of the platform.
  • Researching your content and backing them with authentic sources.
  • Keeping a neutral and unbiased point of view when writing for any given topic.