Apps That Can Help Solve Relationship Arguments & Restore Love

I know, it sounds a bit silly to have an app help with your relationship problems. That’s what I thought too at first. But since I’ve been in a long term relationship, living with my partner, and balancing friend time; I’ve found that apps can be helpful and even sometimes fun when it comes to having healthy communication. Here are a few examples of the apps that I’ve found helpful when it comes to getting in uncomfortable or heated situations.

Avoid a fight before it starts

Instead of worrying about how to not engage in an argument or how to stop an argument over text, you can actually avoid arguments in a relationship completely with a few good communication tools. So many petty arguments in relationships come from little miscommunications that could have been avoided with just a bit more thinking ahead. Especially if you live with your partner, having apps to organize your life together will save you from many sleepless nights. You can get a chore and task app so you never have a fight over who forgot to put the dumpster on the curb or use a calendar app to avoid a spat over someone double booking themselves over a planned date night. The more thinking ahead you’re able to do, the less little arguments you’ll have to get into.

Resolve an argument with anyone

From knowing how to resolve an argument with a friend to getting out of a heated conversation with your spouse or even being able to stop a fight between friends, having the right resources can help the situation. I recently came across this list that has some pretty great resources for this exact issue:

Best Apps to Stop Fighting & Solve Relationship Problems

I found the Gottman Card Deck app here, and I use it all the time to open up channels of conversation between me and my partner whenever we’re deep in the trenches of an argument. Apps that help guide you through your feelings and thoughts will help you avoid misunderstandings and saying damaging things. I’ve even learned some healthy ways to end an argument without apologizing and resolve conflict without admitting guilt and holding on to negative feelings.

Handle deeper relationship issues

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to handle arguments in a relationship, especially if they are very frequent and intense. If you’ve stepped out of normal relationship issues and things are getting too complicated, it’s not a bad idea to ask for help. There are plenty of couples counselling apps or other therapy apps that will connect you directly with a professional that can help both parties navigate the issues at hand. Therapy apps can also help with other related issues. For example, you can seek help to stop arguing with your parents or find out how to deal with a toxic friendship. Some of the top relationship problems such as infidelity or money issues can benefit from a third-party mediator to help couples navigate through difficult conversations.


Arguments aren’t fun for anyone. With good apps and some preparation, you can prevent them from happening and be ready with techniques and other sources of help when they do arise. Your relationships will be much healthier for it, and your own mental health and wellbeing will be better too!

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