Why Pharma Companies Need ERP implementation?

ERP implementation

In this competitive business environment, there comes a need to manage the growing market demands and equip this industry with robust software in place. Patients and regulators are demanding a high quality of care at the same time they want it with reduced costs and maximum transparency. To meet the complex challenges of this industry, there comes a need to take a proactive approach and respond to challenging to the market demand.

SAP Business One is complete and enterprise-ready software designed especially for the Pharma industry. It helps manufacturers to stay compliant with all dynamic requirements of a business. The ERP also facilitates manufacturers with real-time information streamline the entire operations and take proactive action.

Some of the key features of Pharma ERP include-

Raw material management, quality assurance, quality control, sampling plan, bi-directional lot traceability, master production scheduling, and material requirement planning.

The ERP helps to enhance the quality, consistency, and speed to deliver medicines to the market. It also helps control costs and reduces wastage, inventory management, compliance to stringent regulations, monitor real-time batch and make accurate business decisions. It also provides end-to-end bi-directional traceability, from the raw material to the finished product. The software also performs batch monitoring at a granular level, helps in formula management, Manufacturing Batch Record (MBR), electronic batch ticket, lot control, do what-if analysis, and everything.

Let’s look at how an ERP system can benefit Pharma companies.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

An ERP system can help your business gain a competitive edge as it ensures compliance with global requirements. Since Pharma ERP is a specialized software designed for the Pharma sector, it keeps a tab on formulations management and meet all industry norms and meet government regulations.

Inventory and Material Management

Pharma ERP easily monitors material wastage and minimizes any possibility of overstock and understock. It also reconciles inventory balance and helps in planning material better.

Sales and Marketing Management

Now it is easy to perform contract management and sales order processing immediately. It helps align your sales and marketing endeavors. It can be used to nurture customer relationships, create automated workflows and execute market campaigns for high ROI.

Batch and lot Tracking

One of the useful features of this ERP is the batch and lot tracking feature. This helps to monitor batches in detail and helps to monitor a batch in a timely manner.

Recipe Management

The formulation of ingredients is one of the critical aspects of manufacturing drugs. The software helps to maintain it nicely without any hiccups or potential loss. Plus, there is no scope of any biased things happening in managing recipes.

So, whether you are looking for sap implementation partner and need to manage documents, gain real-time material traceability, need batch tracking, need to waste elimination, manage quality, or so, you have a robust software in place that helps you minimize the operational work. An ERP implementation partner can help you mitigate all the possibilities of bringing an ERP in place. It helps you to spend less time on paperwork and help you track profits and losses automatically.