Most Expensive Apps in the App Store

An App Store provides a variety of applications that are most convenient for mobile users. Usually, app stores provide consumers with a way to give reviews and ratings. For other consumers, developers, and app store managers, such reviews are valuable.

Some applications available on the App Store are free of cost whereas others may cost you. Usually, the apps are not much expensive and the App Store has a limit of $999.99. Some applications have reached this limit and they charge you $999.99 for purchasing it. Usually, these apps are pretty rare, and developers usually need to show Apple why their app is worth so much.

Following apps are the most expensive apps:

  • iVIP Black
  • Ignition
  • QSFFStats
  • Agro
  • MobiGage NDI
  • Alpha-Trader
  • BarMax CA
  • App.Cash
  • vueCAD Pro
  • Vizzywig 4K
  • Mobile Cam Viewer
  • Classic TC with WordPower App

iVIP Black ($999.99)

iVIP provides a decent dreamed appearance to the customer, iVIP Black is the app to facilitate any customer with a decent and dreamed lifestyle. VIP Black is an iOS app. The people that own this app will receive a different type of perks in many places that are partner venues (Hotels, Restaurants) of this app. These perks may be starters, surprise gifts, welcome packages, etc. This app will let you book a private jet, private yachts, or Private Island. Entering a dream place, wearing a Black Leather Jacket, and availing of VIP protocols are a completely luxurious lifestyle.

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Ignition ($999.99)

Ignition is one of the most expensive applications and you can’t use it on your own. It is used in combination with a piece of software called LogMeln that is installed on PC and Mac. If you use the combination, you will get remote access to your computer, and you can store files on it. You can restart and shut down your computer remotely through this application. The latest version of the app provides the option to store files in the cloud in LogMeln Pro.

QSFFStats ($999.99)

QSFFStats app will help you in tracking Flag Football stats for all passing leagues. This app seems to be like a wristband system and traditional cards that are played globally. This app has the latest editing features that allow players to select the setting to suit their needs. Records of performance are stored in the glorified spreadsheets.

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Agro ($999.99)

This app is designed to facilitate farmers. It is a user-friendly app and tested by agronomists. This app provides updates to the farmer about crops, pesticides, insecticides, the financial sector, etc. Additionally, it also provides all the necessary details about the crops and the best season to grow them. This application is helpful in providing healthy cultivation.

MobiGage NDI ($999.99)

MobiGage is an iPhone metrology application used to test components and assemblies that are manufactured. MobiGage generates, edits, and implements measurement plans and automates processes of inspection. One purpose of designing this app is to connect specifically with the Northern Digital Industrial (NDI) measurement systems.

Alpha-Trader ($999.99)

Alpha-Trader is the application for investment professionals. Investment professional guides any investor about where and how they should invest in any field. This application provides innovative market scanning technology, fully customizable charting, lightning-fast trade execution, advanced order management, and chart trading facility. This app will definitely help a trader to meet its goal.

BarMax CA ($999.99)

BarMax CA application helps law students in preparing for exams. This app has been developed by Harvard Law Alumni and has been very beneficial to law students. It provides the students with complete guidance on exams including paper patterns, checking criteria, etc. The most appealing feature of this application is that it provides lectures from the world’s renowned law professors who have interacted with the world’s 40 top law institutes. That’s why Law Students considered it their iPhone’s best application, and there’s no doubt about it.

App.Cash ($999.99)

This application is a POS system that means Point of Sale and it is very useful as it offers different phone features. It helps in payment transactions via debit cards. It is popular worldwide due to its uniqueness. It is one of the most expensive app hitting the maximum allowed price i.e., $999.99

vueCAD Pro ($999.99)

vueCAD Pro is an application for professional, mobile CAD viewer, and mark-up. Load a model in its native format with vueCAD Pro, find the required information, explain or adjust markups, and email the changes. vueCAD Pro is the perfect presentation tool for designers, engineers, manufacturers, and quality control teams.

Vizzywig 4K ($999.99)

Transform your iPhone 5S with Vizzywig 4K i4software into a 4K motion video camera, 4K editor, and 4K distribution platform. Instead of capturing video, VZ4K captures full 4K resolution photos with synchronized audio at a rate of 24 photos per second. Vizzywig is the first all-in-one iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch movie-making application that allows you to record, edit, and preview in real-time.

Mobile Cam Viewer ($349.99)

Security has become one of the most important issues and concerns everywhere nowadays. Everyone is well aware of the security of their homes and offices. And keeping an eye on the whole time these days is a very challenging task. Thus, for these purposes, these security applications are excellent for is accessing all cameras installed in homes or offices. This app can control up to 25 cameras via your cell phone.

TC with WordPower App ($299.99)

This app is the helper for persons suffering from any disorder due to which they are unable to speak in their natural voice. The Technology Assisted App allows you to use an integrated voice synthesizer or recorded message to speak. If Stephen Hawking were still alive, this expensive app could have been used by him.