QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is a technique for making your business accounting software more efficient, scalable and smart by providing a hosted solution into the business. We all know that for making your business as a good output source, for making your business more productive we all need a better strategy for our business to operate it successfully. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting has known for its good strategies. It always provides you more what you expect, and support your small business. A hosting service provider provides services like, it installs and manages the QuickBooks software and also it is very helpful for managing the company data files on their cloud-based servers. No one wants to waste their time to install and maintain the software on the local machines. All want to save their time. So, why are you wasting your time now, you can easily connect your QuickBooks from anywhere and at any time with the help of a hosted server. QuickBooks Hosting is considered as better than traditional QuickBooks Desktop and it works across all operating system platforms. Sometimes you face some trouble while using QuickBooks software. Then you need support and Quickbooks support is the platform where you can easily get help from the intuit certified QuickBooks pro advisors. 

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting refers to whether the QuickBooks desktop version is installed on any hosted system over the internet which gives access with the help of a web browser from anywhere at any time. we only have to do that to put all our data over the Quickbooks hosted software then it can be accessible by the authenticated user anywhere at any time. In this, you no need to install extra software for your system. All your data kept in the cloud-hosted QuickBooks. 

How QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Works?

In this section, we gain all the information about QuickBooks Hosting but we don’t know how this hosting works. So, in this, we are discussing the QuickBooks Hosting working. Let’s get started 

  • First, you have to connect your Hosted Quickbooks environment using the remote desktop connection.
  • Now, you have to add all your credentials which were demanded by the software for getting connected.
  • And after that use QuickBooks just like you use it in your office or in your work area.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: Modes

There are some modes which are as follows:-


  • Peer-to-peer hosting:- This hosting is basically for On-premises hosting. In this type of hosting a single user can host the application or the data to provide access to the other user on that particular network.
  • Dedicated hosting:-  In this type of hosting, all the users were connected with a single network where the Quickbooks Software is installed.
  • Alternate hosting:- One user or we can say the Main user is connected to the hosted server through the internet. And the rest user connects to the main user for accessing the application which is on the local network.


Which Is Better? QuickBooks Cloud Hosting or Traditional QuickBooks Desktop

As we all know that QuickBooks is one of the best Accounting software as well as the most advanced accounting software in the USA. But still, there are some limitations of this software. That is not beneficial for the Accountant from achieving their maximum potential. 

Some of the Limitations of this traditional desktop software is as follows:-

  • No Remote Access:-

In traditional desktop software, It doesn’t provide any remote access for your data. So you can access your data from anywhere at any time.

  • Limited user Access:-

This software also has a shortcoming that it does not give access to many users simultaneously.

  • Resource limitations of local devices:-

In this, the user can share the resources of their local devices only to a certain extent, if 

they want to share more resources then they cannot do it in traditional desktop software.

  • All data remains on Local device:-

All the data that you have shared on traditional desktop software remains on your local


QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: Pricing 

In QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, mainly there are four types of pricing packages introduced by the company which are as follows:-


  • Session-based plan:- In this package, you only have to select the number of users and the version of Quickbooks software that is used by your users. After that, the company provides a session-based-desktop for each user at the cost of $24/month. The company gives a discount to those who pay annually.




  • Dedicated QuickBooks Bronze:- In this packaging company provides some benefits for the user like as follows:-


      • It only requires 4GB RAM and 2vCPUs
      • You can install custom applications
      • This package is for a single-use only
      • It provides 40GB of disc Space
      • There is no add on user service
      • The price of this software is around $29.95/month. 


  • Dedicated QuickBooks Silver:-  In this packaging company provides some more benefits compare with the above QuickBooks Bronze to their users are as follows:-


      • It requires 6GB RAM and 2vCPUs
      • You can install a custom application
      • In this package, you can add 2-5 suggested users.
      • It  provides to 65GB of disc space
      • In this package, you can add users by paying some extra cost of $16/user/month.


  • Dedicated QuickBooks Gold:- In this Packaging company provides all the major benefits compared to the other to packages for their users and these are as follows:-


    • It requires 12 GB of RAM and 4vCPUs
    • A custom application can be installed in this package.
    • In this package, you can add more than 6 suggested users.
    • It provides a total of 100 GB of disc space for the user.
    • If you want to add users than you can just you have to $16/user/month to the company for availing this offer to you.