Gain A Deeper Understanding of Yourself Under the Influence of The Plant Dieta

plant dieta

A comprehensive project deeply embedded in the traditional applications of indigenous medicines to optimize your healing process by incorporating long-term integrated benefits. In Shipibo Ayahuasca, it is to be believed that the health of the physical body sets a strong foundation for the health of the energetic being. Often ignored by most of us today due to lifestyle choice but accessing this kind of spiritual work, combines with yoga practice, Shamanic Ayahuasca ceremony, and a master Plant Dietaknown as a Shamanic dieta.

Defining master plant dieta, and its benefits

Strategically arranged, the Plant dieta is developed strictly and rigorously through plants and trees that teach (plantas que ensenan) and teacher plant (planta maestra) to profuse guidance, protection as well as sacred knowledge to the disciple. Many plants and forest properties are been applied for their hallucinogenic and psychotropic properties to encourage the fundamentals of authentic practice if Shamanic medicine in the Amazonian retreat.

About the revival benefits

The entire meditative process of Ayahuasca imbibed with beneficial contents and thus, it induces you with confidence to manage yourself in an uncomplicated way.  It also helps to bring us in supreme proximity to the nature-spirit, and balance it to harmonize with them. In this process, traditional plant dieta is the method that Ayahuasca provider use in order to welcome the spirits of the plant. Of course, the entire session is long due to periods of communion with a specific spirit plant. Through this, the retreatants experience firsthand knowledge of the specific plant and other direct teachings, to ensure respectful alliance healing practices.

According to the Amazonian basin, this sacred medicinal exercise has been blissfully performed for ages and thus, to start with the attributes of this traditional form, scroll below:

  • Purify the spirit and body

  • Ward off diseases and restore human health

  • Ward off bad spirit, and wash your negativity off

  • Mark a definite passage towards adulthood and clear your perception regarding yourself

  • Obviously, the fit mind always delivers the right source of energy within to alter yourself completely

  • Denotes stamina and physical strength

  • Triggers your altered states that further alleviate your consciousness to achieve wholeness

  • Development of intuition, sensitivity, and intelligence

  • With these strict dieting, it is been observed that students do get enhanced altered states of consciousness

However, it is to be noted that some prior experience with ayahuasca, and Shipibo ceremony are strictly required to sit in a dieta.

Some added services are obvious to restore the entire integration and processing to denote synergistic space through Shipibo plant dieta. Today, with the significant rise of Ayahuasca Shaman, the role of Shaman gets modified and developed in accordance to provide safety and effectivity for the tourists or students. A slightly different form of the Ayahuasca shaman has been introduced in most of the Ayahuasca retreat center in Amazonian soil. From learning several customary traditions from the Shipibo directly, you can also enjoy meditation and yoga classes to jungle excursions. Save your savings to achieve the experience of ayahuasca: Chance of a lifetime, where you have many more smiles with limited amenities in a Peruvian indigenous village.