Reduce Your Travel Costs With the Best Credit Card

best travel card

The rising middle class and growing disposable income in India has strongly helped the development of domestic and outbound tourism. The passion of travelling among Indians is rising with each passing day, contributing to the overall spending on tourism.

A plan is not the only thing needed to go on a vacation. There are several other things which go into the process of planning a vacation. For example, it is important to sort your finances accordingly for your next trip. While you are in a new place, there are high chances that you might have to bear unplanned expenses.

To stay prepared for such unexpected expenses, an individual can carry the best travel card. A travel card is a credit card which is tailor-made to be used during vacations. It is thus necessary to choose the right credit card for yourself, to utilise it in the best way.

The best credit card in India is one which offers maximum benefits and minimum interest charges, along with exclusive rewards. While choosing the ideal travel credit card for yourself, make sure to tally and research thoroughly about the offers extended by the issuers.

How can you reduce travel costs with a travel card?

Travel cards come with several advantages and offers which help you reduce expenses while you are going on a vacation or trip. The features included in these credit cards which help cut travel costs are –

  • Discounts at partner hotels

Financial institutions partner with various hotels and companies to offer you privileges. For instance, you can enjoy exclusive discounts at specific hotels and lodges when you check-in. The discounts help in bringing down your expenses significantly.

  • Air miles

Issuers offer air miles based on how often and how far you fly using your credit card. The air miles that you earn can be redeemed while booking flight tickets for your next trip. You can also earn discounts on flight bookings by redeeming the rewards earned from other purchases or transactions.

  • Free access to airport lounges

You can better your travel experience by relaxing at airport lounges while you are in transit. You can access several other amenities in these lounges for utmost comfort.

These exclusive features in a credit card which benefit a traveller can also assist him/her financially during trips.

Features in the best travel card in India

The best credit cards for travel must have the following features –

  1. Attractive cashbacks – You can avail up to 10% cashback on cab rides and fuel purchases each month.

  2. Milestone bonus – On spendings above Rs. 1 Lakh, you can enjoy a gift voucher worth Rs. 1,000.

  3. Welcome rewards – As a welcome gift, you can avail exclusive gift vouchers within 30 days of card issuance.

  4. Fuel surcharge – Credit cards also offer fuel surcharge across any pump store up to Rs. 100 each month.

  5. Emergency assistance – In case you require emergency financial assistance, the travel card can help you withdraw interest-free loan for up to 90 days, once a year.

  6. Interest-free cash withdrawal – You can enjoy interest-free cash withdrawal facility up to 50 days with the best credit card in India.

Compare the different features and offers extended by various issuers. This will help you avail a credit card with the maximum benefits. You can opt for the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard to enjoy various discounts and vouchers on flight ticket and hotel bookings other than complimentary airport lounge booking.

Financial institutions offer different types of credit cards to suit different lifestyle habits and spending patterns. Once you have chosen the best travel card, make sure to check the eligibility criteria set by the issuer. Arrange the required papers and documents to get started with the application process.