Krittika Nakshtra

Mythological story:- This can be a little bit long story but I will explain in a brief way so that we can understand its inner qualities easily. As per ancient story there were fight between Gods and demons but gods were losing the fight. So they went to Lord Shiva for protection. He did not help them directly but he said he would produce a son who will protect gods and fight for them. So Kartikeya was born but as he was an infant and too small to fight, he was sent to 7 sisters (Krittika) who were wives of 7 sages for training and to protect him from demons too who wanted to kill him. At last, when he reached boyhood he won the battle. So qualities we get are leadership, will power, unconditional nurturing, learning, skills, adoption (foster parenting), aggression, security, protection.
This star extends from 26.40 in Aries to 10 degrees in Taurus covering 2 signs. This star resides more in Taurus than aries so more impact will be of Taurus.
It co-rules by Sun (star-lord), Mars and Venus (sign lords).
The root meaning of krittika is ‘one who cuts’
People with this star are good in analyzing and criticizing others. They are mostly blunt especially if 2nd house or lord is in this star. They cant tolerate injustice and say things in front of a person without thinking about the outcome.
They are aggressive and harsh but due to lordship of sun, the anger is not like of mars coz Sun who is the king cant be angry with its kingdom. So they become calm and relax after some time. Even this aggression is more seen in Aries than Taurus.
Taurus sign is all about wealth, assets, security and acc to story it also represents security, So the person will be more protective and insecure about their belongings and assets.
If 3rd lord is in this star which represents hands are good in cutting things or can be good chef too.
The person would be honest, supportive, caring and nurturing in nature,
If sun is in this star-related to 10th house can be good in medicines career and if related with Ketu they can become a good surgeon.
The other profession can be child care, manager, critics, military, firefighters, cook, gold diggers (especially if 8th house and saturn is related with sun).
Pada 1 which lies in Sagittarius in d9 is self-motivating pada. It is very active ,has a lot of stamina and will power.
Such people may like junk foods so they must take care of their health and consume balanced nutritious diet.

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