Common Conditions That Lead to Kidney Transplant and Cost of Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplant India


A Kidney is one of the vital organs of the body. The end-stage failure of this organ can lead to severe defects in the excretory system of the body. It is a kidney, that is responsible for the removal of waste in the form of urine from the body.

The end-stage disorder refers to the condition when the organ fails to perform 90 % of its function. At this stage, the healing of the disease require kidney transplantation, and there is no other cure for the same.

Most of the people suffering from end-stage failure, drop to undergo the kidney transplant process. It is all because of the high cost of kidney transplantation.

Well, avoiding the treatment of disorder in the kidney increases the toxin content in the body, which increases the blood pressure, and finally, fail the organ. So, it is recommended not to avoid the treatment for long or else it may prove to be fatal.

Well, if the price is the issue, consider the treatment in India. The Cost of Kidney Transplant Operation in India is between USD 13,000 to 15,000.

It is far less than any other country. No other state across the globe can provide such a cheap treatment option.

What Are the Medical Conditions that Require the Kidney Transplant?

Kidney failure is not an uncontrollable disorder. If you seek proper care, you can prevent kidney failure. For that, it is essential that you are aware of the reasons that cause end-stage kidney disorders.

So, here is the list of most common causes leading to kidney transplantation:

  • High blood pressure that is out of the controllable limit
  • Polycystic kidney disorders
  • High sugar levels in the body
  • Inflammation or scarring of the filter of the kidney

In all the situations specified above, the dialysis or any other treatment options do not work, but such conditions call for kidney transplantation. 

The doctors in India first diagnose the condition of the patient, and if they are suffering from any of the above-mentioned disorders, then they recommend the patient for the organ transplant procedure.

However, for a kidney transplant in India, not only being eligible for a kidney transplant is all, but the patient must have related donor too. Until you find a related donor, the doctors get hold of your medical situation with the help of the dialysis process.

Final Words:

For all those looking forward to a kidney transplant procedure, you can plan for your medical assistance in India. It is going to be beneficial in all the ways.

You will get to receive a result-oriented process, as the doctors in India have expertise in resolving even the most complicated cases.

Also, Kidney Transplant Expenses in India are minimal. Apart from that, the price of other non-medical things like food, stay, and travel is also low.

In case you suffer any inconvenience in making your medical management in India, you can seek help from the top medical tourism companies of the country.

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