Trans-Tasman Trophy 2019-20 – Second Test – A Boxing Day test

Trans-Tasman Trophy is the test series in cricket between two neighboring cricket countries in souther hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand. The series was given name in 1985-86 season. The first series was won by New Zealand with the following series as well. But overall, Australia has the upper hand, and which is shown in the record table. As, New Zealand last won the series in 1989-90 series. And the team was able to retain trophy in the following, 1992-93, series, as the series concluded in draw. Australia thoroughly dominates the opponent in the way. As, New Zealand was able manage the only series, which was the inaugural series. After that New Zealand was never win any series in Australia.

In fact, New Zealand was able to manage only three test matches against Australia in Australia. Two of among three were in 1985-86, and the third one in 2011-12. Though, Australia and New Zealand started to play test cricket against each other since long time. But before the Trans-Tasman Trophy, New Zealand never got a chance to win the test series.

Out of 23 test series between the opponents, Australia won 14 series and New Zealand won only 3 series, the result of the remaining 6 series was draw. In 17 Trans-Tasman Trophy, Australia won 10, and New Zealand won 3, the rest 4 resulted in draw.

Moreover, the second test is started on the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, which is called a boxing day test as well, where Australia has very good record. On the other hand, New Zealand never defeated Australia on this ground. In fact New Zealand lost 1 test and managed to draw the remaining two. New Zealand play on this ground after 32 years, as last time, the team played here in 1987.

The test, which is played at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), is usually started on the boxing day, 26th December, every year. Last time, when the test was not started on boxing day and started on 24th December in 1994 against England. Still, the boxing day was one of the day of the 5 days of test. In 1990, Australia played a test against Pakistan at Melbourne, which played in January and not on or around the boxing day.

In the current series, New Zealand is already in the pressure, as the team is already lost the first test with the big margin, which was played in Perth. New Zealand made couple of changes for second test. Australia played good cricket on the first day, as they ended a day with loosing 4 wickets with scoring 257 runs. New Zealand needs to play better cricket compare to Australia. So the team will not just to win the series, but also improve their record in the Australia as well as in the Trans-Tasman Trophy history.

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