Different Point of Views over Mandatory Four Days Test Five Days Test Match

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Different Point of Views over Mandatory Four-Day Test Match and Traditional Five-Day Test

ICC thought about making four day test match as part of next version of ICC World Test Championship instead of traditional five-day test. There are different point of views over having four-day tests or five-day tests.

Supporters for Four-Day Tests:

Supporters of the thought put their points like,

  • Seeing bigger picture of saving a day in a test match may save so many days per year as well as per cycle of the test championship. For example, ICC counted the days within four year cycle of 2015-2019, and the number was 335 within four years of period.
  • Increasing number of completion tests within four days. During ICC World Test Championship, 14 test out of 23 completed test were completed within 4 days, more than 60%.
  • Test matches will loose only 58 overs, as teams will need to play 98 overs in four-day test instead of 90 overs in five-day tests.
  • Workload of the players.
  • Increase the number of test matches within series, example, if two teams are going to play four 5-day test matches, then the series would become 5 test matches series within the same time frame.
  • Beneficial for broadcasters.

Supporters for Traditional 5-Day Tests:

Supporters of the traditional tests put their points like,

  • The traditional test has its own fun. As well as, it test the physical fitness, temperaments and patients of the players to stay and play cricket for consecutive five days. So, cut-off a day could make big difference.
  • Though, many of the test matches completed within four day, but some of the test matches either completed on the day five or became draw on last day. But in any case the last day was would become very interesting day fo the test match. The best example of recently completed the test between South Africa and England at Cape Town.
  • One day short may impact on spinners, who usually became most effective on 4th and 5th day. As well as the result of the matches, which may go more towards draw.
  • Just to increase the quantity of cricket, the quality of the cricket shouldn’t be compromised.

Clear Picture about the new plan:

Some of the people didn’t put their point of view, yet. As they are waiting for the clear picture of the new plan. So that they could think about it before supporting or opposing.

In my opinion, Four-day tests should get green signal for trial, but certain things need to be taken care,

  • The days may be surely saved, but in case of increasing number of matches may be helpful for cricket, but not for cricketers. 
  • Players need to as fit in new test format as in traditional format. As the new format will only lose 58 overs only. As in new format the match will have 392 overs instead of original 450 over format.
  • Pitches will be needed to prepare for getting result within four days. As well as favors to pacers, spinners and batsmen as well.
  • Teams may need some time to understand the situation in four day cricket. Like when to declare the innings, how to control the run rate during matings etc. 
  • During the time frame of understanding, the audience may need to prepare to see many of the draw test matches, which might impact on quality of cricket, to save the quality, the most important factor, there should be some back up plan, like a crazy idea of “technicality point system” – https://ibandhu.com/2020/01/07/point-of-view-over-iccs-new-rule-over-match-tie-and-super-over-rule/

Point of View over ICC’s New Rule over Match Tie and Super Over Rule

  • Weather will not be under control. If one day will be cut-off and weather will not permit full four day then again, there should be a back up plan, again.

To conclude, I could say hope for the best to get best decision for the best future of the cricket.

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