7 Outdoor Entertainment Ideas for Kids

7 Outdoor Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Outdoor games are great for kids’ health, and they’re very entertaining for everyone too! If you have an event coming up, be it a birthday party or a family get-together, you must want to try some of these out.

Outdoor Entertainment Ideas for Kids

  • Bounce House

Bounce houses or inflatable castles have become a staple in big events, whether it’s a school function, a fiesta, or just a gathering with friends and family. They’re easy to bring around and set up. Just make sure you have plenty of space for when it’s inflated!

If you’re not keen on buying one, you can always rent it. There are rental services that provide bounce houses in Miami for a reasonable price.

  • Giant Games

Jenga is fun, but a game with giant Jenga blocks? Even more so. You might’ve already seen giant chess boards in some parks, and you can get games like those for the neighborhood party too. Some outdoor game rentals even have giant playing cards and dart boards (they won’t use actual darts, of course).

  • Water Slides

Not in the mood to bring the kids to the water park? You can bring one to you instead. Water slides are perfect for keeping cool on hot summer days. Depending on the type of slide, you can sit down right on it or use a tube raft. 

If you have a pool at home or are renting a place, you can set the water slide next to it so that your kids will head straight for the water. Don’t worry, most water slide rentals provide attendants to help keep the kids safe.

  • Shooting Challenges

Ever tried those basketball shooting games in the arcade? There are non-electronic and inflatable versions too. You can even get ones for baseball, soccer, or football. It’s great for kids who are into sports and want something else aside from water slides or bounce house Miami services. There’s even a study that says sports like these helps kids fight depression! 

  • Wall Climbing

Did you know that wall or rock climbing is one of the best workouts in the world? It puts nearly all your muscles into work and is great for your heart too. Not only that, but it boosts your memory and balance too. If you want your kids to have a healthy start at life, you could introduce one of these at the next outdoor function.

  • Obstacle Courses

There’s nothing like an obstacle course to bring out some healthy competitiveness out of kids. It gets the mind racing and all the muscles working. This is a big great choice if you’ve got children with high energy levels. Obstacle courses are also another way to start friendships since your kids will most likely be interacting more with others.

  • Laser Tag

Want more families to join in an event? Set up a laser tag arena at your function, They’ll be one of the most popular games with kids and teenagers. It’s not as physically exhausting as an obstacle course, but it’s good for making friends and working on teamwork.

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Wrapping It Up

Getting one of these attractions is a surefire way to get more folks to come to your function. Just give your local outdoor game rentals a call and they’ll set your party up with everything it needs to make your kids’ time fun and unforgettable one.

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