Best Cakes for any Wedding

Vanilla Two Tier Cake

Weddings are amongst the happiest days of a person’s life.  People have different ways of celebrating their wedding days. Some people prefer sweet and simple marriages and some grand weddings. But in all these and many other functions, two things remain most important – one a cake cutting ceremony always finds its way, and two, floral decorations all around the premises. 

There are various types of cakes associated with weddings but today we are going to be looking at those most important wedding cakes that can be a part of any wedding and the taste is very daring for weddings. But before that, there are certain things to be understood such as – 

1) Are you going to make your own wedding cake? 

This is one of the first and foremost questions to ask yourself are you going to build your own wedding cake? Would you have this much time that you can take care of getting ready and also baking a cake for your own wedding? You should ask this question very first you have decided to get married, even professional bakers get their cakes baked from other people on their wedding day. So be sure if you are baking your cake then you should have tried it earlier and on a large scale. Order cake online i.e. the base and decorate it home. 

2) What should be the flavor of the cake? 

Now that you are sure who’s going to bake your cake, you can focus on the taste and flavor. Most ideal cake flavors for a wedding include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, and as many flavors you want to add. 

3) How should the cake be decorated? 

The decorations of a cake or the most important attraction for all your guests on your wedding day. It is very important that the cake is in terms of the location of your wedding. If it’s a rustic wedding you could try a cake with green and some bronze colored buttercream or a tasteful frosting? If it’s a modern wedding on a rooftop, you could go for rainbow cakes, pineapple upside-down cake, chocolate cake, etc. 

1) Pink Champagne Cake 

The pink champagne cake is made up of mixing pink champagne in the flower or the cake mixture when the champagne is added to the cake it not only adds to the moistness in the cake but also makes it very tasteful. If you are not a champagne person then you can get this cake made with the pink champagne essence which is very easily available in the market all you have to do is tell the Baker that you don’t want the champagne and some food color would be added to make it pink. Cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city is very easily available, even if it’s the last minute.

2) Chocolate Cake 

Well, there are many people who despise chocolate cake for marriage but on the other hand, there are some whose favorite flavor is chocolate and want a chocolate wedding cake. So all you have to do is just go and try some samples at your favorite bakery and order it for your wedding or marriage. Chocolate cakes are considered very daring for a wedding because of their flavor and chocolate works as a mood booster on their wedding day. Order cake online as well if you want to surprise your wife. 

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3) Strawberry Cake 

Strawberry cakes are becoming a quite popular day by day.  These cakes are made by using fresh strawberry and pastry cream and the cake may be pink colored or plain White-colored with vanilla extract added to it to enhance a very rich taste. Many bakeries also use strawberry pulp or strawberry jam to form one of the layers, they add more taste and moistness to the cake. 

4) Vanilla Two Tier Cake 

Two-tier cake basically means that it has two stories. This kind of cake is amazing for a rooftop wedding. The script basically contains a plant flavor that makes it a rich and elegant cake for a wedding. Of course, the length could be decided when you know how many guests are invited to your wedding. And on top of the cake, you could either add a fondant and design or some fondant edible fresh flowers. 

5) Vintage Wedding Cake 

Best cake a text association from older times, when the cake actually used to be chocolate and the icing would be off – white. It looks very elegant and classy, and of course, as beautiful looking it is, as important it is to taste amazing. This cake can be decorated with fresh flowers or seasonal greens to give it a more natural look. Also, you can add fresh fruits, cake toppers such as sugar bride and groom, or anything you want on it. 

6) Greenery Added Wedding Cake 

Now suppose that you have found the perfect location to get married and maybe it’s a barn or an old house in the woods. It is important that your wedding cake matches the location that you have chosen and suppose if the wedding a location is rustic, it’s important that a cake be more rustic in the outlook, the taste can be anything you want. So the base of the cake could be anything but, and top layer too could be of your taste, all you need is some seasonal green flowers, to add to the cake and this cake will have uneven icing to make them look better. Cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city is very easily available, and with on-time delivery, you can surprise your husband or wife very well. 


7) Fresh Flowers Cake 

Fresh flower cake is becoming quite popular in modern weddings. These cakes actually don’t contain any fresh flowers, but they make flowers out of cookie dough or very thin flour and sugar mixture and then they colored using food coloring to make them appear real.

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