The classrooms of today have evolved significantly compared to previous generations. For one thing, there’s far more emphasis on student learning than ever before. Technology has also made learning a lot more fun, interactive, and interesting. Here are a few smart ways technology can be used inside the classroom.


Digital field trips

Mention field trip into any classroom and it’s going to be met with glee and excitement. Students are always eager to get out of the classroom and do something different for a change. The problem is that planning a field trip requires time and manpower, not to mention money. You’ll have to ask consent from parents, get volunteer chaperones, and figure out the appropriate place where kids will have fun at the same time learn.

Digital field trip has become quite a popular option that many schools are considering not only because it’s a cost-effective tool for teachers to use to help students learn real-life lessons but because the technology is advanced enough to make the whole experience believable.


Social media integration

At first glance, social media and education don’t seem like a good fit. But because students are already spending so much of their time scrolling through their social media feed, integrating it in the classroom actually makes perfect sense. How? Well, curriculum and other classroom resources can be shared through social media. Teachers have also created Facebook groups for their classrooms where important updates, news, and topics are posted, shared, and discussed outside the classroom.

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Learning through gaming

Some teachers may not admit it but there are valuable life lessons and learning that students get from playing video games. One reason why the younger generation is so proficient at gadgets and electronics is that they spend hours playing and operating computers and gaming consoles. Early on, they’ve established an intuitive understanding of computers. So that why not integrate that into the classroom?

Typing skills will become less tedious and boring if it is taught in a game format. A virtual scavenger hunt will teach students the importance of working together to achieve a common goal as well as figuring out small clues to solve a puzzle.


Differentiated instruction

Different students learn differently. They require a different teaching style in order to absorb the material. Differentiated instruction didn’t come into existence until the different learning methods became popular. It revolves around ensuring that students are given the necessary tools, skills, information, and guidance that they need in order to meet the learning goals.

Educational technology has helped make differentiated instructions more efficient in the classroom. Software, apps, and websites like cheetahpapers.com/essay are now available that are designed to help students with their specific learning needs.


Getting student feedback

Being able to see and listen to student feedback is a great way to better hone the teaching style of teachers in the classroom. Gathering this important information wasn’t a priority back then because the task required a lot of time and effort. But through technology, it’s a lot easier to receive student feedback & also post site. Teachers can now better address problems and confusion as they come up.

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