H1 Tag: All You Need to Know

To attain an accurate search engine ranking, it is necessary to make use of the tags, since on them will depend the success in the results in the search engines.

Regarding the tags, we have h1, h2, and h3, where h1 is the most important. What is the h1 tag? How does it apply? And what are the advantages of h1? We are talking about it below.

What is an H1?

The h1 is the tag used to indicate which is the most relevant portion of a web page. It is the main element of a website expressed in HTML as a header, which will highlight what should catch the attention of the user and Google. The h1 is the first level tag in the structuring of a content that can host up to h6.

After h1, the most common are h2 and h3, but any tag expressed in the text will be a subdivision of the mother tag h1. This is the main reason that evidences the premise of knowing how to properly use the h1 tag, to guarantee search engine optimization strategies correctly and the structuring of the Website.

Are H1 important?

For any search engine, the h1 tag will be the starting point for the analysis of the page, where you will see the relationship it has with the Keyword to a position.

Although they are very similar, the h1 should not be confused with the title of the page. The title will be what the search engine shows in the SERPS and the h1 is what will be displayed on the page. Both terms greatly influence SEO.

Advantages of h1:

It is recommended that h1 be more specific than the title, that it does not exceed 50 characters, although it is not limited. The h1 must be unique and understandable, not repeated on other tags and much less to contradict it.

The phrase it contains must be of greater relevance, enclosing the essence of all content, projecting an interesting and attractive topic to the public. It is advisable not to use many punctuation marks and should not take a period at the end of the sentence.

The advantages of h1 are the value attributed to the website, where the user benefits from the experience of having a clear and concise way, the main theme that develops in the content, resulting in a pleasant reading and navigation.

From the point of view of the programmer of the Website, the h1 allows you to show the search engine, the keywords that we want to rank for the query made.

Although Google and the other search engines tell us that there should only be one H1 per web page. It is common to see public cases where there are several on the same page.

An H1 tag is an integral & most important part of search engine optimization. Find out what they are and how they improve user possibility will benefit your website pages for SEO & ranking

The most SEO benefits to using the H1 tag as a way to include keyword’s most relevant to the content on-page & off-page & as descriptive as possible.

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