Top 5 NGOs helping in child sponsorship in India

Non-Governmental Organisations abbreviated as NGOs are working towards poverty alleviation without any assistance from the government. It takes a lot of courage and kind-heartedness to work towards the welfare of the people who need a lending hand.

List of NGOs’ providing education to impoverished 

Education is seen as the key to coming out of poverty. This is the list of 5 best NGOs’ which aims at providing education to the poor section of the society.

Lok Kalyan Samiti 

India has always been a forerunner in providing better amenities to those who are living in poverty situations. This NGO was started with a group of volunteers who wanted to provide better living conditions to those who suffered in life post-India-Pakistan Partition. The NGO gained prominence by the Education sponsorship program. The kids belonging to the impoverished sections are provided top-quality education and all the amenities needed for a proper study environment are established as well. The work done by the organization in the education sector has been recognized by the Government of India.

Oxfam India

Oxfam India is operating in the six poorest states of the country and providing education and works closely with government schemes like the Right to Education Act. The organization apart from just providing education to the poor children also makes sure that there are no school dropouts. Even if there are dropouts, necessary arrangements are made to make sure that the children are sent back to school. There are various management committees in the schools run by Oxfam India to assure that there is regular communication between the teachers, parents, and students. Various skill development workshops are also conducted to skill up the young population.


Child Rights and You is an organization that has partnered with various NGOs’ across the country. It was started in India but has developed strong roots abroad as well. It focuses on the rights of the children including education as a prime section. The organization was primarily aimed at providing the rights which are designated for children. One of the most notable works which are carried out by the organization is providing education to the girl child. The citizens are encouraged to participate in this process by the steps taken by CRY like, offering tax benefits to those who are sponsoring the education of the child.

Teach For India 

Teach For India was started in the late 2000s’ but gained a lot of prominence due to the commendable work which was done by the organization. Teach for India fellowship is offered to some of the best deserving candidates who are working towards making a change in society. The fellows are made to teach in low-income schools for about two years’ time duration and then they are provided opportunities to study abroad. This would give them a bottom to top-level understanding and give them the knowledge to frame policies at the macro level which would serve the fullest purpose.

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Bhumi is one of the largest NGOs’ in India which operates by the support received from the volunteer base. It aims to provide education to children from slums, villages, orphanages and other low-income communities. A world-class education is provided to the kids from these sections of the society which ignites their life for the sake of good. The idea is to build a society that is equal and has no difference in terms of the education provided to the children who belong to the upper echelons of the society and those belonging to the poor sections. People can provide donations as well. They have a very transparent mechanism. For sure, one can say that these NGOs would help the people come out of poverty.

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