A Comprehensive Study about Psoriasis Treatment

psoriasis tratement

Psoriasis is incurable but still, it responds to many systemic treatments. For the ones who are suffering from the severe problem of psoriasis, there are ways for relief. The chronic skin problem is caused due to an overactive immune system. Some of its common symptoms are inflammation, flaking, white, silvery or red patches on the skin and the like. In the types of treatment, steroid creams, light therapy, oral medication are used. 

Diagnosis of psoriasis

Diagnosis of psoriasis can be of two types and these are straightforward ones. 

  • Skin biopsy – In this, the doctor will take a small skin sample. For this, the patient will be given local anaesthesia. The sample collected will be examined carefully that shall help determine the type of psoriasis for any disorders and the like. 


  • Checking medical history – For diagnosing psoriasis, the doctors will take up your medical history that will help to check the skin type, nails and scalp. The earlier the treatment, the better are the chances for the patient to recover. 

Details about psoriasis treatment 

The psoriasis treatment helps reduce problems of inflammation and as a result of this clears the skin. However, it is divided into three parts and these are light therapy, topical treatment ad systematic medications. 

Topical treatment

To moderate the effect of psoriasis, ointment and creams are the suitable options to use on your skin. For severe situations, oral treatment is necessary along with creams. It may also be accompanied by light therapy. 

  • Vitamin D analogues – The synthetic form of vitamin D prevents cell growth. Here, the patient can use Calcipotriene that is a form of a cream containing vitamin D. For mild to moderate treatment, this is the suitable one. In case it irritates your skin, it is better to consult your dermatologist and use the right cream for fast recovery. 


  • Anthralin – The medication prevents skin cell growth. By removing scales, it helps to make your skin smoother. It tends to irritate skin and therefore, it is important to wash it off quickly before it stains anything. 


  • Topical retinoids – This is a type of vitamin A derivatives that help reduce the intensity of inflammation. One may suffer from the problem of skin irritation. Also, one may suffer from increased skin sensitivity after they use this medication. 


  • Calcineurin inhibitors – This prevents inflammation and plaque buildup and therefore, it is recommended that the medication should not be used for long. This is suitable when you are using the cream around a thin skin area. 


  • Coal tar – It is derived from coal and it helps reduce itching, scaling, and inflammation. In addition, it can irritate skin, stain clothes, and has a strong odour. It is available in over-the-counter cream and oil, but it is not suitable for use by pregnant women.  


  • Moisturizers – The moisturizers alone cannot help to get rid of the problem, but it can lower the scaling, itching, and dryness caused by the problem. Make sure that you use it after bath to get adequate moisture required by the skin.  

What are the important treatment considerations?

The important psoriasis treatment considerations can help doctors to resolve the skin problem in quick time. However, the consideration will depend on the severity and type of problem.

The main objective is to find an effective way that can help slow down the process of cell development. Also, please do not make the mistake of using any random ointment or cream as it can have side effects on the skin. It is better to consult with your dermatologist before you choose the right one. 

Alternative form of medicines

Other than the types of treatment mentioned above, aloe vera gel, fish oil, and Oregon grape can be used to deal with the problem. Before choosing any form of treatment, it is suitable to take advice from the physician to have the right impact on your health.

This is also the case before using Nebulization process. It should be used depending on the intensity of the disease of the patient. 

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