Women and men alike are continually searching for ways to age gracefully. Hence, incorporating a daily skincare regimen is commonplace, especially for women. However, more and more women, or people in general, are looking for more organic ways for beautification. They claim that the more chemicals a beauty product has, the more detrimental it is for the skin. That’s why some people are looking into CBD for their daily skincare.


If you think cannabis only treats anxiety, think again. CBD, a cannabis component, has been making waves in the cosmetics industry nowadays. Read on to know how CBD can benefit the skin, otherwise, find out more about treating anxiety with cannabis here. 

What is CBD?

First of all, let’s delve deeper into what CBD is. It is one of the largest many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Although there are over 100 cannabinoids, two are the most prominent. They are THC and CBD. 

As you know, THC is the psychoactive compound that makes people high, groggy, hallucinatory, and other stigmatized effects of cannabis. On the contrary, CBD brings more of the healthy skincare and overall health benefits – without the high. How?

Everything all boils down to the human body’s endocannabinoid system. This system naturally produces endocannabinoids that work with the body’s receptors to regulate the functions of the brain, immune system, nerves, and the cells in the skin as well. That being said, when one ingests cannabinoids from cannabis, it helps in modulating the functions even more. 

How Can CBD Improve Skincare?

CBD is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is especially useful for the skin when alleviating inflammation, dryness, and protection from external toxins.

Another way CBD can help improve the skin is by preventing acne from developing. As you may notice, our skin has thousands of pores. These pores have hair follicles that can possibly get clogged up due to oil, bacteria, or even dead skin. There is a gland called the sebaceous gland in the follicles and its role is producing sebum oil.

it can block the hair follicles, causing your skin to break out. This is where CBD-infused products come into play. CBD modulates the production of sebum so your hair follicles and pores can breathe. 

Another notable benefit CBD has on your skin is how it makes it glow and stay healthy. Due to the anti-oxidants from the fatty acids, Omega 6 and Omega 3, CBD helps your skin produce more collagen. Additionally, it also helps retain water. And we all know what collagen and more moisture on the skin mean – supple, youthful, and hydrated. 

Last but not least, although studies on CBD relieving skin diseases are still in their infancy, speculations abound that CBD can mitigate the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. These are two of the most severe types of skin illnesses that cause pain, itchiness, swelling, and more.  

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Are CBD-Infused Products Worth a Try?

CBD can come in various forms. We suggest grabbing it from your trusted cannabis dispensaries to get the full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oils or isolate. Try including these in your daily skincare routine and see if your skin sits well with these products. After all, you lose nothing when trying it out.

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