Best Celebration cake for A Holi Party

Cakes have recently become a great part of life. There are no situations or occasions left where we might not eat or cut a cake. Cakes always seem to delight us by their presence. And let’s not forget the fact that all of us love to eat free cake. 

Cakes have got their reputation as the best form of dessert and no matter what age group is, everybody enjoys it without a hitch. and that is why it must that on Holi we do have a cake cutting celebration this cake can be about Holi and it could have lots of colors because Holi is apparently of the festival of colors. because we all are so busy making other sweets for Holi that we don’t have time to bake a cake at a time and online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore is very easily available and of course, you would want to make free delivery of this cake because it’s always a rush hour during festivals. 

Celebration cake for A Holi Party

1) Rainbow cake 

We talk about how Holi is the festival of colors and so at this point in time what better than a rainbow cake. Now, of course, this game is going to be flavored and not disturb normal crappy sponge cake with colors. This could be of any flavor but the flavor has to be in tune with your Holi party and depends on how you are actually planning on celebrating Holi. You can get a pink champagne cake or a moist milk cake. and suppose if your friend or parents are in another city in your not able to visit them then you can always send flowers to mumbai or any other city currently live. 

2) Triple Chocolate Cake 

Triple chocolate cake is nothing but a combination of three variations of chocolate in one cake. Firstly the cake is made with cocoa powder and then it is decorated with two kinds of icing white chocolate and dark chocolate. And another variation in this cake is that the two kinds of cakes white chocolate and dark chocolate and then they are decorated with dark chocolate icing. This cake is ideal for the Holi party because everybody loves to eat a cake on Holi even if there are many other sweets, the cake will beat them. But if you find it difficult to bake a cake, then, an online cake delivery in Bangalore is very easily available. 


3) Walnut and Nuts Cake 

This is an unusual cake flavor and its difficult sponge cake however it can be decorated with any of your favorite buttercreams for dark chocolate icing. Primary consists of walnuts and other kinds of nuts,  cashews,  almonds, raisins, etc. This can be made either by adding rum to it or rum extract to it. 

4) Pineapple Fruit Cake 

We all have at some of the other time eaten a fruit cake. But a pineapple fruit cake would be one of the best things at a Holi party. And even if elders and your family despise the fact that you are baking cake on Holi then there are children who would always admire and praise that there is something for them. Pineapple fruit cake actually made up of fresh fruits and pineapple inside a vanilla Bean or a simple sponge cake. 

5) Melting Chocolate Cake 

Who doesn’t love the chocolate fountain, melting chocolate coming out of a cake? We all love that that is made possible by a Holi party, then it is going to make a for one of the best and most attractive things in anybody’s Holi party. So you can either create a cake with lots of lava inside it, by adding melted chocolate later on or you could order an online flower and cake delivery in Bangalore. 

6) White Vanilla Bean Cake 

White vanilla bean cake is one of the moistest cakes you have ever eaten. And baking it is quite difficult so it’s better that you order online and keep it ready for your Holi party. The major ingredient in this cake is vanilla extract and fresh vanilla beans. You want to submit more guest post here at starstarshow@com.

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