Why infection? why Corona Covid 19?

Why infection? why Corona Covid 19? Why People suffered from a different type of infection.
Somehow Astrology and Gochar Planetary planet Also one of the main reason whether we believe or not but it’s true.

1) Rahu in “Adra” in own Naxatra So Rahu is Karaka of Undefined Virus and obvious in own Naxatra create so much positive effect on Different famous Countries which is Ruled by Rahu.

2) Jupiter and Ketu both are in Sagitatious which also indicates, it can’t be stopped it expands and when Jupiter also infected by 7th Drishti of Rahu so people become Helpless. Education, colleges, school system become in Pause Mode.

3) Mars is also effect by Rahu also in Sagittarius with Ketu So again indicates climate change, infection.

As per My prediction Upto May this kind of problem will happen and After April 1 st Jupiter also changes its Shine and conducted with Saturn so possibilities of the solution against Covid 19 or Some Spiritual effect can resolve it.

So due to Planetary effect don’t Go in Crouded area, Use mask, Sanitizers and Keep contact with your Physician and Belive in Cosmic energy and God Power and your Beloved Gurus.

What is Corona Virus?

Thanks Astrologer Rutvik Vora.

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